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Used CNC Router For Sale

Buy the best used CNC router for your hobby or business

Looking for a used CNC router? carries used CNC routers. Our machines are ready work. CNC routers come in wide range of sizes and prices for various applications. We carry 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers for every budget in a wide range of brands including Thermwood CNC Routers, Komo CNC Routers, Multicam CNC Routers, Anderson CNC Routers, AXYZ CNC Routers, Omnitech CNC Routers, Biesse CNC Routers, ShopSabre CNC Routers, Patriot CNC Routers and more.

When you are adding a CNC to your shop, you’ve likely done some research. There are a huge range of sizes and pries of machines to consider. CNC routers can be as small as 12” x 12” and as large as 5’ x 10’ and prices can range from only a few thousand to much, much more. To narrow down your choices quickly consider the practical things that you might use your CNC for. The smallest machines are usually for hobbyists and may be well suited for detailed carvings and small projects, but these won’t work if you’re cutting full sheets of plywood. Your selection may be driven by need, space or costs.

CNC Routers perform many jobs such as boring, milling, panel sawing and spindle molding. They can cut tenons and mortises. No matter what the function, CNC routers are capable of producing high-quality work from one to high production volumes. This can guide you in finding the best used CNC router for your business and/or application.

Hobby CNC Routers: Up to $4000

These CNC routers often come in kits. The size ranges from 12” x 12” to 3’ x 6’. These machines are designed for hobbyists or home businesses. They are usually constructed of wood or aluminum and have very basic features. Strepper motors and ACME screws drive a 3-axis system. The controller may or may not be included. These are limited in functionality and have tolerances anywhere from .01 to .001 repeatable. The upper end of the smaller machines are great for making parts for smaller cabinet projects, stools, chairs. Keep in mind that most projects that are made on these CNC’s can also be made on the higher-end CNC routers as well. If you’re going to be making many of the same kind of projects, you may want to consider additional features not found with the hobby CNC used routers.

Low-End CNC Routers: $4,000 to $25,000

CNC routers in on the low-end will be up to 4’ x 8’ and will be a step up from the hobbyist routers. These light-duty routers operate on 3-axis with the vertical (Z-axis) usually limited to about 6”. They may come in a kit and require some assembly. The prices vary widely depending on the type of spindle. The horsepower in this price range typically is 3 to 6. You may find a dust-collecting system, but vacuum systems usually are not available in this price range. It should have a full set of linear rails and bearing blocks. The drive assembly is usually a ball screw assembly powered by stepper motors or a basic servo motor system. Tolerances may be anywhere from .01 to .001 repeatable. Plywood-based projects work great on 4’ x 8’ and even 2’ x 4’ routers. CNC router manufactures in this size range include Automation Technologies, Legacy CNC Woodworking, Shark, ShopBot and more. You can buy great kits of CNC router parts from various sources as well.

Mid-Range CNC Routers: $25,000 to $60,000

The mid-range CNC routers are similar to the low-end except with much heavier construction. The frame is primarily steel and is reinforced. The 3-axis system should be powered by a servo motor.  This type of CNC router may be suitable for manufacturers making things likes signs, guitars, moldings, picture frames, engineering prototypes and many other things on a repeating basis. Most mid-size CNC woodworking routers can also cut plastics, composites, aluminum and foam. The more production hours you expect to run, the higher-end CNC router you need to purchase.

High-End CNC Routers (Industrial CNC Routers): $60,000 +

Most of the used CNC Routers available are industrial. They are used by carpentry and woodworking companies to produce furniture, cabinets and doors as well as other materials. Options on high-end CNC routers include automatic tool changers for additional productivity, pneumatic drills for single holes or boring blocks. Things like pop-up location pins enable repeatable material location and high-powered vacuum pump systems hold material in place on a zoned vacuum bed.  Industrial CNC’s are compatible with virtually any CAM software like ArtCAM, Bectric, Enroute, Type 3, AlphCAM or Mastercam. You can connect your cabinet design software like CabinPro RouterCAD, Cabinet Vision or KCDW) to a CAM program and create compete nested manufacturing solutions. They are heavy-duty machines built for long hours of operation and harsh working conditions.

12 Check Points – How to Buy a Used CNC Router

  • Inspect for damage and worn components and components.
  • Call the CNC router manufacturer to see if they still support parts and service.
  • Research the brand and model online and with other CNC router owners think about the brand and support.
  • Call the local distributor and talk with sales and service about support.
  • Look up independent CNC service techs to get their opinion if the machine breaks or needs work.
  • Search online similar year makes and models to see price points.
  • Get the hours of operation.
  • See if any maintenance records can be found or major repair work. Repair work isn’t a bad thing, in many cases it will help you know what been replaced, what hasn’t and if it was done right.
  • Find out the types of material and industries it made parts for in the past.
  • Ask the owner why he’s selling the machine.
  • Find out what process controller is on the machine. For older machines, the processor may have been upgraded.
  • Find out what extras are included, such as coolant mist systems

For machines that are similar compare:

  • Drive system: Your options are pinion, lead screw or ball screw. The ball screw is the most expensive but works the best.
  • Motor system: Both Stepper motors are Servo motors are available. Servo motors are preferred.
  • Spindles: Check RPM, torque and power requirements
  • Weight: The heavier the better.
  • Table size: Depends on your space constraints and the size materials you will be cutting.
  • Software: Get the most advanced one you can. You may also be able to retrofit/upgrade.
  • Dust collection: You want a clean workspace as much as possible.
  • Router bits: The higher quality the better.
  • Automatic Tool Changers: Depending on the complexity of your work, more tooling spaces with faster tool changes equal more complex work made faster.
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The CNC Router is an incredibly popular CNC machine tool in the CNC machining industry. Whether its a DIY CNC Router intended to be a home CNC machine, a CNC woodworking hobbyist looking for another CNC wood router, or a used router table to be used in a production capacity, all types of CNC router parts are used by both machinists and hobbyists alike. For more excellent information about CNC Router Tables and other DIY CNC wood router machines, check out the ShopBot Tools website.

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Due to the significant savings, used CNC routers are sought after by a large number of potential buyers looking to upgrade their shop’s CNC machine technology. Considering whether or not to add a used CNC router machine to the shop? CNCMachines.Net has several used CNC routers for sale from brands such as Multicam CNC Routers, Haas CNC, and Weeke.

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