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CNC Machines For Sale … minus the confusion

For a customer that is simply looking for the all around best used CNC mill, the best used CNC lathe, the cheapest selection CNC machines, the most classic CNC machining center, the fastest Haas mill, or the most economical CNC machine for sale, there is a dizzying array of options in the used CNC market. Often times choice is nice, but sometimes it can lead to being overwhelmed. I’ve been in your shoes shopping for a CNC machine. That’s why starting with CNCMachines.Net helps with having upfront pricing on all CNC machines for sale.

With over 300 CNC machines for sale and all the major CNC machinery brands, we figured someone needed to step in and clarify things for a prospective consumer. We’d simply identify the best used CNC machines in each category, and offer only those CNC machines. We have identify and offer the highest quality CNC brands like Doosan, Fadal, Haas CNC, DMG Mori Seiki and Mazak and we’d identify and offer the highest quality used CNC machinery, CNC lathes, and vertical machining centers.

We’d then identify and offer the best selection in CNC machines, and the best value in used CNC machines over the last thirty years. We’re not a supersize dealer with the widest selection and large overhead. Nor are we a cut-rate discounter at the sake of quality and customer service either. We may well offer some of the most expensive CNC machine tools you can find anywhere, just as well offer you some of the most unbelievable prices on other used CNC machines for sale. Don’t confuse what we offer you just because we’re on the web. We just keep an eye on the market for you and help you get the best section of CNC machines. That’s how we prefer to shop, and we figure we’re not the only ones!

CNC Machines Company

CNC Machines LLC, DBA: CNCMachines.Net, is a dedicated to helping customers upgrade their CNC machine technology. As a Florida based company located in the heart of Central Florida, our operations based in the USA is the epicenter of the worldwide manufacturing innovative culture. Our CNC Machines company was founded in 2014 and now has 12,000 sq ft facility for restoration of pre-owned cnc machines with over 50 CNC machines on our showroom floor.

While we are physically intertwined within the CNC machining community, our presence reaches from Florida to California thanks to our management teams Internet savvy and development expertise. Whereas most CNC machine companies branched into the local state markets and bring with them that local state only point of view, CNCMachines.Net comes from a broader selection of CNC products and background. Thus compared to the overwhelming majority of the used CNC machines, CNC mill, CNC lathe & machine tool market, CNCMachines.Net is a little different. The business model is not constrained by hidden prices that 95% of the used CNC dealers and CNC distributors are tied to. We market for manufacturers & sell direct to manufacturers only.

Direct to Manufacturer

Were truly a direct to manufacturer company. We play in both the high-end and low-end of the CNC machine market. Some CNC machines we offer are contracted with a sellers agreement to market for a manufacturer and sell their used CNC. Other CNC machines for sale are on our showroom floor and available for service inspection. We sell directly to the manufacturers at competitive prices at our north Orlando FL location and online countrywide at CNCMachines.Net.

The combination of direct sales, yet massive reach due to our significant web presence gives the feel and expertise of buying from a local CNC dealer, yet the economics of scale advantages of buying direct from an CNC wholesaler. We leverage these competitive advantages to provide value at both ends of the market.