cnc machine warehouse

Our CNC Service team includes Left to right, James Velazquez, David Wilkes and Tim Thornsburry


We are constantly looking for better ways to serve and add value to our clients experience.  Our company properly checks and preps each machine before it leaves our warehouse. One of the needs we have seen in the market is that most used equipment dealers either sell machines as is or completely refurbish to fit like-new specifications. After researching, we found the market is looking for something in the middle.  This means good quality and updated equipment that looks fantastic for a fair price.

We take our time removing prior years off the face and interior of the machine. The interesting thing is when buyers come and look at the equipment, our close ratio is near 100%. Some are skeptical because of how nice these machines look online and feel like we might be hiding something. To prove that our company has the customers wants and needs as our first priority, we offer guarantees. We want our customers to be happy with not only how it runs, but how it looks too. In so many cases good quality equipment needs some basic PM and wear and tear items updated. Come visit us any time, our facility is located just north of Orlando FL, just under 12,000 sq ft of space to service and support CNC machines.


Want to visit us and see our on location inventory, email Kenna at [email protected] to schedule some time with one of our CNC experts.