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Used Vertical Machining Center

Looking for a Used Vertical Machining Center for Sale? Want to Learn More about the Types of Vertical Machining Centers that You Can Buy Used? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

No matter what type of used vertical machining centers (VMC) you are looking for, you can find a used VMC with the details you need to make informed decisions right here. All the used vertical machining centers for sale at have been thoroughly checked and refurbished as needed. We carry hundreds of machines all the time, so we can provide you with a great selection at consistent, fair prices.

By offering you a quality used vertical machining center, we provide access to equipment and technology to keep you competitive and producing parts at high levels of efficiency. We’re here if you want to sell a used CNC and replace it with a different used VMC or if you want to find a used vertical machining center for sale to increase production. We want to partner with you, so call us at 844.262.6789 and we’ll get started to find the best solutions for your shop. Our in-house service center ensures that quality used milling machines are ready to be put to work in your shop as soon as possible.

When selecting your used VMC, you’ll want to take into consideration both your current and future needs for size, speed, versatility, power, and precision. Machines will vary by size taper, the number of axes (which determines part complexity), the spindle rpm (revolutions per minute) and tool capacity, among other things. Take a look at all our current listings of vertical machining centers ranging from 3-axis small CNC mills to 5-axis milling machines, and fast to heavy-duty RPM spindle speeds. We carry many brands including Citizen, DMG/Mori Seiki, Doosan/Daewoo, Fadal, Ganesh, Haas, Hitachi Seiki, Hurco, Makino, Mazak, Milltronics, Okuma, Samsung, OKK and other brands.

Turning a 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine into a 4-Axis CNC Milling Machine

Used VMC’s exist with as many as 15 separate axes, and the more that are available, the more complex the parts that are possible. Keep in mind that a 3-axis CNC machine can be upgraded to add a fourth axis to give access to all sides and the bottom of the workpiece. For example, when you add a rotating machine table to a 3-axis CNC, the combination of rotation and vertical movement make it capable of milling threaded parts. It requires much more complex programming to effectively use a rotary table with your 3-axis CNC milling machine, and you’ll need CAM software to create programs. If you are looking for a vertical milling machine, but don’t need the 4th axis right now for your parts, it may still make sense for you to buy a used 3-axis CNC equipped with the extra 4th axis. It could be something that you’ll want to do in the future and not cost you much more. You’ll typically see the “4th Axis” somewhere in the description of an otherwise standard 3-axis CNC.

5-Axis Used VMC Information

To help our customers find a used 5-axis CNC machine for sale, we have put together information on how to select the best used CNC machine for your application, why 5-Axis is a great investment, comparing trunnion style and rotary style 5-axis CNC’s as well as things to look for when purchasing. If you are yet not utilizing CNC 5-axis machining, we can help you embrace the efficiency and power that 5-axis machining offers as well as select the best 5 axis CNC milling machine for sale for your application. Shops that are currently using 3-axis and 4-axis CNC machines can reach out to us for the next step toward improving productivity with a used 5 axis CNC. Keep in mind that we both buy and sell used CNC’s, so if you want to replace equipment, we’d love to help you sell your old CNC’s as well.

High-Speed Used VMC Information

High-speed vertical machining centers are CNC mills with a spindle speed above 10,000 RPM. One of the most popular high-speed CNC machines is the Haas VF2SS. We have several used CNC machines capable of spindle speeds up to 20,000 RPM from brands such as Haas Automation, Mazak USA, DMG Mori / Mori Seiki, OKK, and even offer high-speed CNC Routers.

Contact our used CNC machine experts today to speed up your search for a used vertical machining center with the best number of axis and speed for your application.

Found a Used Vertical Machining Center for Sale that Looks Interesting? Here’s what you can do before you see it.

  1. Be informed. When you are shopping for a used vertical machining center for sale, you’re going to need to do more research than when buying one new. Start by making a list of your requirements. You should consider the:
    • Types of materials you want to machine – Are the easy or hard to machine?
    • Tolerances you need – Tight tolerances or not?
    • Industries you’ll primarily be serving – How complex are the parts for this industry?
    • Level of production you’ll be running – High volume light-out? Or short runs?
    • Expertise you have available in your shop – Does anyone know the controls or have time to learn?

You may want to buy a similar vertical machining center to one that you already have, or you may want to look for one that is newer, so you can begin to connect everything via ethernet or Wi-Fi to take advantage of software innovations.

  1. Ask for good photos. Zoom up in the photos and look for signs of damage and worn components.
  2. Speak with the manufacturer or distributor in the territory where that machine was (or is) operational. They may be familiar with the service provided on specific VMC’s in their own territory.
  3. Search similar vertical machining centers for sale to see how pricing compares.
  4. Get the hours of operation.
  5. Ask for the maintenance records of the used VMC that you are considering. Repair work isn’t a bad thing. It will help you know what has been replaced, what hasn’t, and if it was done right. Ask for as much documentation as the seller can provide. This will help you if you have problems and provide you with details for buying parts.
  6. Find out what other tooling and accessories are for sale that could go with this used VMC.

Inspecting a used Vertical Machining Center

Once you’ve done your homework, and you think you’ve finally identified the perfect used VMC for your company, you may decide to buy it without looking at it, or you want to go the extra mile an inspect the machine for yourself. We require pre-inspection of all equipment by yourself or your representative before purchase. If you choose to buy it from, we can offer you options on how to ensure that the used CNC equipment you are buying meets your quality standards. Here are some inspection tips below.

How to Inspect

  1. Inspect for damage and worn components. Carefully look all over the machine. There are enough used VMC’s available that you shouldn’t have to buy a machine with obvious damage or signs of wear.
  2. Ask to operate the machine to see it actually run.
  3. Listen to the sounds of the axis moving at different speeds
  4. Run the spindle at the max RPM.
  5. Look at the guards and sensors on the machine. If sensors, switches, wires and hoses all match and look like they match well, that’s an indication of a well-maintained machine.
  6. Make parts on the machine if possible.
  7. Check the tool-changer or turret. See how well it changes tools at different areas of the tool changer
  8. Check the electrical cabinet for anything that looks like “not factory” and ask about it.
  9. If you are planning on buying this machine, take a photo of the serial number plate which contains valuable information. Ask the seller to make a backup of the controller program while you are there.
  10. Ask if the seller can provide the manuals that came with the machine.
  11. If possible, ask the owner why he’s selling the machine.
  12. Find out what process controller is on the machine. For older machines, the processor may have been upgraded.
  13. Review pallet changer options.
  14. Review chip & coolant management options.
  15. Find out the electrical requirements for install.
  16. Discuss payment options, you may get a better deal with a cash down-payment.
  17. Buy from someone who has a good reputation.

We are a trusted source of used VMC CNC’s and consistently take in used vertical machining centers. In addition, carries other types of machining centers in a wide range of configurations. All our CNC machines have been thoroughly checked and refurbished as necessary to ensure our customers are satisfied. We welcome you to call 844.262.6789 or visit and inspect one of our used vertical machining centers for yourself.