Stratasys Connex 500

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This 2014 Stratasys Connex 500 was used very little by the original owner. They would like to sell the machine quickly and cut their losses. Available immediately in California, please call (844) 262-6789 for more information.

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Stratasys Connex 500 [ 2014]

Specifications for the Stratasys Connex 500:

Layer Thickness (Z-axis)

  • Horizontal build layers down to 16-micron

Tray Size (X×Y×Z)

  • 500×400×200 mm (19.7×15.7×7.9 inch)

Net Build Size (X×Y×Z)

  • 490×390×200 mm (19.3×15.4×7.9 inch)

Build Resolution

  • X-axis: 600 dpi
  • Y-axis: 600 dpi
  • Z-axis: 1600 dpi

Printing Modes

  • Digital Material (DM): 30-micron (0.001 inch)
  • High Quality (HQ): 16-micron (0.0006 inch)
  • High Speed (HS): 30-micron (0.001inch)


  • 0.1 – 0.3 mm (0.004 – 0.01 inch) typical (accuracy varies according to geometry, part orientation and print size)

Supported Model Materials

  • FullCure®720 General Purpose, transparent material
  • Vero Family opaque materials
  • DurusWhite Polypropylene-like material
  • Tango Family rubber-like flexible material
  • Digital Materials
  • Wide range of composite materials fabricated on the fly Support Type
  • FullCure®705 Support
  • Non-toxic gel-like photo polymer support easily removed by WaterJet

Materials Cartridges:

  • Four sealed 3.6 kg (7.9 lb) cartridges
  • Tango family and DurusWhite also available as 1.44kg (3.17 lb) net weightin 3.6 kg casing
  • Two different model materials loaded
  • Front loading for quick replacement

Power Requirements

  • 110–240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • 1.5 KW single phase

Machine Dimensions (W×D×H)

  • 1420×1120×1130 mm
  • (55.9×44.1×44.5 inch)
  • Machine Weight – Net 500kg (Net 1102 lb)

Operational Environment

  • 18°C to 22°C (64.5°F to 71.5°F)
  • Relative Humidity 30 – 70%

Equipped with:

Closer-than-ever simulation of end products combining multiple materials
Multi-material parts: simultaneous jetting of different model materials
Mixed tray: different parts made with different materials in a single build
Wide range of FullCure® and composite materials: photo-polymer model and support materials; on-the-fly composite Digital Materials™
Variety of build process and printing modes
Boost your creativity with multiple materials and composite materials featuring varied material properties and tones
Outstanding quality and accuracy
16-micron, high-resolution layers ensure smooth surfaces and fine details
Superb productivity with large-size build tray of 500x400x200 mm
Ease-of-use in an office environment

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