Precihole GVN 06M-2-300 Dual Spindle Micro Gun Drill


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Precihole GVN06M-2-300 Dual Spindle Micro Gun Drill (2014)

SPECIFICATIONS for Precihole GVN06M-2-300

Operation: Gun Drilling
Mode of Operation:Tool Rotating & feeding with component counter rotation
Gun Drilling range: 0.04″ to 0.25″
Maximum Drilling Depth: 12″
Maximum Weight of the Component: 12 lbs
Tool head spindle: High speed integrated Motorized spindle
Tool Head Spindle RPM range: 1000- 25000 RPM
Motor Power: 1.5HP
Tool Monitoring System: Vibration and Spindle power monitoring
Coolant & Chip disposal: Screw type Chip Conveyor and Chip Trolley
Coolant tank capacity: 120 gal
Flow Rate (Max): 4 GPM (for Drilling (2) 0.25″)
Coolant Pressure (Max): 2500 psi (for Drilling (2) 0.04″)
Type of coolant: Straight Cutting oil
Coolant Filtration level: 5 11m level of purity
Filtration type: Cartridge type filtration system
Chilling Unit: 4,500 kcals/hr (Dip Type, Tank mounted)
Floor Area: 8.2′ X 5.2′ X 5.9′
Machine Weight: 8,500 lbs


CNC Control – Siemans PLC
Servo Driven with 20K Spindles
Tool Monitoring System
Available: All Motors, Pumps, Internal Electronics, off shelf Items
Misc Tooling and Lista Cabinet (Value $6K)

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