Mectron Q5000 High Speed Laser Inspection System


This Mectron Q5000 Laser Inspection machine is being sold by the original owner in Michigan. It is in excellent condition they just do not have a need for it anymore.

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Mectron Q5000 [2009]

Specifications for the Mectron Q5000:

The most advanced inspection systems available on the market today, the Qualifier Q-series deliver high speed gauging and metallurgical inspection for a variety of parts in a wide range of materials.

Utilizing Mectron’s patented laser array, the Qualifier provides 360 º inspection of each piece, displays its dimensions on the computer touch screen and automatically inspects the part features and measurement. This patented technology separates Mectron from all other inspection equipment companies.

LaserArrayMectron’s radial array of laser light provides a distinct advantage with the part being inspected by multiple point occlusion. The degree of occluded light is directly related to the part’s dimensions as it moves through the inspection points.

Simply pass a good part down the track to automatically display the part outline on the instrument’s touch screen. Utilizing your part print, you can set up an unlimited number of gauge zones for each of the eight lasers.

Tabulation of gauge zones helps you determine where the p1 manufacturing process has varied from the part print. Data collected for each part can be saved and obtained from the instruments hard drive, USB flash drive, or network to provide feedback to the manufacturing process.

Equipped with:

LT250 Inspection System
Adjustable Discharge Chute
Tilt Laser Array Plate
MAP 1000 Packaging SYstem
Machine Dimensions: 42″ x 42″ x 70″
Machine Weight: 1550 LBS

Product Auto ID: 2828



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