Mazak Variaxis i-600

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Mazak Variaxis i-600 [2014]

Specifications for Mazak Variaxis i-600:

Max. workpiece size                                                                       27.56” Dia x 17.72” Height
X-axis travel (Saddle’s longitudinal movement)                              20.08”
Y-axis travel (Column’s transverse movement)                              35.83”
Z-axis travel (Spindle head’s vertical movement)                           20.08”
A-axis travel (Table tilting)[Indexing in units of 0.0001Deg)            –120° to +30° (axis control)
C-axis travel (Table rotation)[Indexing in units of 0.0001Deg)        ±360°(axis control)
Distance between spindle nose and top of the table                      2.76” to 22.83”
(positioned horizontally)
Distance between spindle nose and center of the table                  0.79” to 20.87”
(positioned vertically)
Max. load on the table (uniformly distributed load)                          1102 lbs
Spindle tapered bore                                                                      7/24 taper No. 40
Spindle speed min1                                                                        35 to 12000 RPM
Motor output                                                                                   30 / 20 HP
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z                                                                       2362.20/2362.20/2204.72 IPM
A/C                                                                                                  Deg/min 18000
Cutting feed X/Y/Z                                                                           2204.72 IPM
A/C                                                                                                  Deg/min 18000
Number of axes controlled simultaneously                                     5
Table size                                                                                        23.62” x 19.69”
Table surface Height                                                                      37.40”
Magazine capacity                                                                         40
Tool shank type                                                                             40
Max. tool diameter With adjacent pockets occupied                    3.54” / 5.12”
Max. tool length                                                                            11.81”
Machine Size:
Width                                                                        (86.61)  /
Length                                                                      (149.8) /
Height                                                                      126”
Weight                                                                      28,660 lbs

Equipped with:

Mazatrol Matrix 2
40 Station Tool Changer
Hi-Pressure Thru Spindle Coolant @ 1000 PSI
Renishaw Probe RMP600)
Mayfran Chip Conveyor
Auto Tool Length Measurement
High Smoothing Control
EIA 3D Comp.
Shape Comp.
Sync. Mill Tapping
Inch/MM Convert
Simultaneous 5 Axis
Tilted Working Plane
5-Axis Tool Comp.
5-Axis Spline

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