Mazak Integrex 200-IV ST

This machine is no longer available for sale. Contact our CNC experts to find a similar CNC machine.
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This machine is currently running parts in the north east. If your looking to make 5-Axis milling or turning parts for less than half the cost of a new machine this would be a great choice. The Integrex will be the most versatile machine you will have in your shop.  Call us at (844) 262-6789 for more information.

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Mazak Integrex 200-IV ST [2010]

Specifications for the Mazak Integrex 200-IV ST:
Chuck Type Main / Subspindle 8″ Hyd / 8″ Hyd
Maximum Swing / Over Lower Turret 26″ / 10.6″
Max. Cutting Diameter Upper/Lower 26″ / 10.24″
Maximum Cutting Length 58.85″
Maximum Bar Work – Main Spindle 2.5″
X Axis Travel Upper / Lower 22.83″ / 5.914″
Y Axis Travel +/- 3.15″
Z Axis Travel Upper / Lower 60.82″ / 58.66″
B Axis Travel – Pendulum Head 225 Deg
W Axis Travel – Subspindle 61.02″
C Axis Rotation (Both) .001 Deg
Spindle Nose / Bore (Both) A2-6″ / 2.99″
Spindle Speed (Both) 35-5000 RPM
Spindle Motor 30HP
Subspindle Motor 25HP
Rotary Tool 12,000 RPM
Rotary Tool Spindle 25 HP
40 ATC (KM)
Lower Turret Positions 9
Machine Dimensions 201″x96″x102″ 25,960lbs

Equipped with:
B Axis Pendulum Head
Y Axis Capability and Full C Axis on Both Spindles
Subspindle w/ 9 Station Lower Turret
Live Milling on Upper Turret
Chip Conveyor
40 Position Tool Changer
Automatic Parts Catcher
213psi HP Coolant
Thread Start Point Comp
Synch Tap for Turning Spindle

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