Haas VF2YT

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Haas VF2YT, Used Vertical Machining Center

The Haas VF2YT is an upgraded vertical machining center model by Haas Automation. This Haas VMC is known for its impressive 8,100 RPM spindle. What really sets this Haas VF-2YT apart is that it has an extended y-axis travel. That upgrade and the machines speed is then complimented by a 20-station-carousel tool changer to make production overall more efficient. For more information on this Haas VF-2YT, refer to the specifications below or give us a call at 844.262.6789.

Specifications for the Haas VF 2YT:

X Axis Travel 30″
Y Axis Travel 20″
Z Axis Travel 20″
Spindle Motor 30 HP
Spindle Speed 8,100 RPM
Taper (Spindle) CT 40 Taper
Tool Changer 20 ATC

3 Reasons to Buy a Used Haas VMC

  1. Same quality at cheaper prices
  2. 30 day guarantee
  3. No big differences besides the machine price

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