Haas ST40L

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Haas ST40L, Used CNC Lathe

The Haas ST40L is one of the largest lathes produced by Haas Automation. Not only does it have the same upgraded 40 HP vector drive and the 2,400 RPM spindle but it also has a huge capacity. The standard Haas ST40 has a max capacity of 25.5″ x 44″. The Haas ST 40L has the larger capacity at 25.5″ x 80″ making it easier to make those longer pieces. For more information concerning this machine, please call 844.262.6789.

Specifications of the Haas ST-40L:

  • 25.5″ x 80″ capacity
  • 4″ bar capacity
  • 2,400 RPM spindle
  • 40HP¬†vector drive
  • 2-speed gearbox
  • 15″ hydraulic chuck.

This Haas ST-40L lathe is equipped with the following:

  • Extended Tool Pocket
  • Tailstock
  • Remote Jog Handle
  • Lifting Provision

Product ID #1234Haas.1

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