Haas ST20

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Haas ST20, Used Haas CNC Lathe

Are you looking for a Haas ST20 CNC lathe for sale? The Haas ST-20 could be the right machine for you. This Haas machine is a 15″ x 21″ layout with an upgraded 20HP vector drive. This amazing CNC lathe is part of the Haas ST Series, created by Haas Automation, which includes other high performance models as well. To see more information about this machine, refer to the Haas ST20 specifications below or call us at 844.262.6789.

Specifications of the Haas ST 20:

  • 2″ Bar Capacity
  • 8.3″ Chuck
  • 20HP
  • A2-6 Spindle Nose
  • 4,000 RPM Spindle

Why is the Haas ST20 so simple?
Here are 7 reasons the ST 20 is the right choice for so many machine shops:

  1. Comes standard with 20HP Vector drive
  2. 2″ Bar capacity
  3. Slant bed style design
  4. Full Haas CNC controller
  5. High resell value
  6. Full support and service from Haas
  7. Easy to program

Product ID #1234Haas.2

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