Haas ST10 w/ Live Tooling & Barfeed

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Haas ST10 w/ Live Tooling & Barfeed [2013]

Specifications for the Haas ST10:

Max Part Diameter 16.5”
Over Wedge 16.5”
Maximum Cutting Diam 14”
Max Turning Length 16”
X Axis Travel 7.88”
Z Axis Travel 16”
Distance Between Centers 10”
Rapid Traverse Rate 1200 IPM (X,Z)
Maximum Thrust 3300 lb. (X,Z)
Maximum Bare Capacity 1.75”
Spindle Bore 2.31”
Spindle Speeds 6,000 RPM
Spindle Motor 15 HP
Maximum Torque 75 ft-lb
Turret Stations 12
Max Weight 6,400 LBS
Machine Dimensions 92” L x 55” W x 69” H

Equipped with:

Live Tooling C-Axis
1 Axial and 1 Radial Live Holder
Haas CNC 15” Color LCD Control
Intuitive Programming
Hydraulic Tailstock with Hydraulic Quill
A2-5 Spindle / 6.5” Chuck (not collet pictured)
Rigid Tapping
Automatic Tool Presetter
Parts Catcher
Belt-Type Chip Conveyor
Haas Servo-300 Bar Feeder w/ Bar Feed Interface

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