Haas SL30T CNC Lathe

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How to compare the Haas SL30 vs ST30:

  • ST30 comes with an upgrade bed slant design.
  • Spindle motor is mounted above the ST-30 vs below on the SL-30.
  • The SL30T has a longer bed vs the ST30.
  • ST has a larger buyer market vs the SL for resell value.
  • Haas supports both the SL30TB and ST-30T for parts and service.
  • CNC Control types are almost identical, but the new ST has an icon screen for easier use.
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Haas SL30T CNC Lathe for Sale

Specifications for Haas SL-30:

Haas SL30T For Sale

Bar Capacity 3″
Chuck Size 10″
X Axis Travel 11.3″
Z Axis Travel 34″
Spindle Speed 3,400 RPM
Center Distance 34″
Swing 30″
Spindle Motor 30 HP
Turret Position 12-Station
Nose A2-

Haas SL-30 Equipped with:

10″ Chuck
Tool Presetter
High Int Lightning
Chip Conveyor
Progammable Tailstock

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About the Haas SL30 CNC Lathe:

Haas Automation created the Haas SL30T in the late 90’s. The CNC market was slow at first adopting this new model over it’s predecessor the Haas HL3. Rumors had it valuated a brand new machine and fully re-engineered.  After getting a few in the field and being battle tested in production shops for reliability and repeat ability. Haas found themselves a winner in the early 2000’s. Sales soured high and Haas CNC took massive market share from its competitors.  For over the next decade Haas continued to improve the SL30-T upgrading the controller in 2005 and adding live tooling features. If you are looking for a quality used haas lathe and need 10″ chuck with 39″ center capacity. This Haas CNC lathe is one to check out. We specialize in all types of used haas CNC lathes and can help you locate the perfect size and year for your budget.

Link to HAAS website for comparison of new Haas ST30 vs used Haas SL30. We also have used Haas SL20, the SL 20 is the next step down and very desirable. Please check out our inventory which changes daily. We also recommend you call one of our used haas experts to see if we have any upcoming models that might work for your needs.

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