Haas HA5C3 with Tailstocks

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Haas HA5C3 with Tailstocks [2014]

Specifications for Haas HA5C3 with Tailstocks:

3 5c Collet Spindles
3 Tailstocks (pneumatic)
Max Speed .001 to 200 per second
Max Torque 25ft lbs
Nose Thread 2 3/16 – 10″
Center Height 5.875 + – .002″
Max Rotationa/Step 999.999 degrees
Air pressure Max 150 psi
HA5C3 weight 165 lbs
HA5C3 NEW COST $20,995

(3) Haas HPTS4 Tailstocks NEW COST $4,485
10 -60 psi operating range

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