Haas EC1600

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Haas EC1600

Interested in a large Haas horizontal machining center for sale? Here you will find that the Haas EC1600 is not only high quality, but it is highly affordable as well. This Haas EC-1600 is a CNC machine with 64″ x 50″ x 32″ travels. It has a 50-tapered geared head as well as an upgraded 30 HP vector drive motor. Its spindle get up to an impressive 7,500 rpms and the Haas EC-1600 does come with a side mounted tool changer. For more details regarding this Haas machine, call 844.262.6789 or refer to the specifications below.

Specifications for used Haas EC 1600:

X Axis Travel 64″
Y Axis Travel 50″
Z Axis Travel 32″
Spindle Motor 30 HP
Speed 7,500 RPM
Spindle Taper CAT50
Tool Changer 30 ATC

5 great reasons why you should buy a Haas EC1600:

  1. Big travels
  2. Heavy duty spindle
  3. Large table
  4. 4 and 5 Axis machining capability upgrades
  5. High resell value

Product ID #1234Haas.2

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