Haas DS30SSY

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Haas DS30SSY, Used CNC Lathe

The Haas DS-30SSY is one awesome twin spindle CNC lathe with Y Axis milling capability and we have one for sale. If you’re looking for a “haas dual spindle lathe” to buy for your next manufacturing project. We recommend this used Haas DS 30 SSy for sale as an option. The DS-30SSY price is typically in the upper six figures and pushing over $200k. This used Haas DS30SSY price is closer to half of what a new one goes for.

Specifications of the Haas DS30SSY:

  • 2″ Bar Capacity
  • 4,800 RPM Spindle
  • Sub-Spindle
  • 30HP Vector Drive
  • 8″ Chuck
  • 24 ATC

This Haas DS-30SSY lathe is equipped with the following:

  • Intuitive Programming
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Remote Jog Handle

3 Things you didn’t know about the Haas DS-30-SS-Y:

  1. It’s a Haas dual spindle lathe
  2. It has a complete part in one set up configuration
  3. Has live tooling and Y Axis


Product ID #1234HAAS.2

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CNCMachines.Net specializes in used CNC Lathes. Our relationship with HFO across the USA has expanded and funnels many different makes and model Haas Automation machines for sale. Take a look at our Used Haas section for more listings available.