DMG Mori NTX 1000 SZM

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DMG Mori NTX 1000 5 Axis CNC Lathe [2017]

Specifications for DMG Mori NTX 1000 SZM:

Max Turning Diameter: 16.9″
Max Turning Length: 31.5″
Main Spindle RPM: 6,000
Bar Capacity: 2.6″
B-Axis Milling RPM: 12,000
B-Axis: -30- +240deg
Lower Turret Positions: 10
Lower Turret Milling RPM: 10,000

Equipped with:

Simultaneous 5 Axis Machining
High Pressure TSC
Sub Spindle
Parts Conveyor
Iemca Barfeed
Multi Axis XYZCBA
76 ATC for B-Axis Milling Spindle
CELOS Control
Tool Presetter
Chip Conveyor
1132 Run Hours

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Link to DMG Mori site.

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