Burlington Automation Python

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Burlington Automation 1st Gen Python X [2009]

Specifications for theĀ Burlington Automation 1st Gen Python X Robotic Plasma Cutter:

Direct Download from Tekla, SDS/2, ProSTEEL, StruCAD, AutoCAD
Process: Beams, Channels, HSS, Plate and Angle
Unlimited bolt hole size
Miter cuts compound angles, slots, stair, stringers including layout for treads
Cuts Weld Prep Bevel Angles WTs
Full Text Scribing and Marking Letters & Numbers
Layout marks for clips and stiffeners along length of beam
Automatic Material Measurement
Center, Top or Bottom bolt hole referencing

Equipped with:

Updated 2014 Hypertherm 260XD
Powered Infeed and Outfeed Conveyor
Measuring Cart and Track

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