Acer Supra 1428 AHD


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Acer Supra 1428 AHD [1995]

Specifications for the Acer Supra 1428 AHD:

Magnetic Chuck Working Surface: 12″ x 24″
Longitudinal Travel Manual (X-Axis): 29-1/2″
Longitudinal Table Travel Controlled (x-Axis): 28″
Cross Travel (Z-Axis): 13.75″
Vertical Travel (Y-Axis): 19.25″
Max Height Under a New 14″ Wheel: 21-5/16″
Table Longitudinal Feeds Range (Variable): 4 IPM-80 FPM
Cross Feeds Increments: 0.02 -.5 IPM
Spindle Vertical Feeds Increments: 0.00005″- .002″
Vertical Rapid Travel: 180 mm/min
Grinding Wheel Diameter: 14″
Grinding Wheel Width, Standard: 2″
Grinding Wheel Motor: 7.5 HP
Electrics (Dual Voltage): 240/3/60
Approximate Machine Dimensions: 80″ x 95″
Approximate Machine Height: 80″
Approximate Machine Weight: 6,525 LBS

Equipped with:

3-Axis Microprocessor Controlled Movement
Auto Surface Grinding and Plunge Grinding
Rough and Finish Cycles
12″ x 28″ Electro-Magnetic
Above-The-Wheel Diamond Wheel Dresser
Paper Magnetic Coolant
Filter System

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