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Finding a CNC Machine

Are you looking for a CNC machine for sale?  If you are looking to upgrade your existing machinery or looking to sell that piece of equipment sitting idle in your shop, then you can find what you are looking for at

Researching the perfect CNC machine for sale on your own can be time consuming and may not produce the results you are looking for.  Let our easy to use website do the work for you by providing a CNC machine that meets your specifications.

And at the same time, selling your equipment has never been easier.  On our site you can list and sell your CNC machine without those huge dealer fees.  Our network of thousands of machine shops will connect you to virtually every type of machine on the market.

Our mission is to help American manufacturers acquire or sell the machines they need in order to make manufacturing successful again.  You probably know about a manufacturing contract that went overseas to keep costs down. We want to help end that by giving small to medium machine shops the power of  We will provide the upper hand by providing the best technology at a fair price with the smallest percentage on the market. In order to make this successful, buyers and sellers can list for free.  We then charge the lowest commission percentage on the market.

As a buyer, you will be able to take advantage of our large assortment of machines for sale which will provide you with options that make the buying process headache free.   Whether you are looking for speed, accuracy, power, or all three, our high volume marketplace will provide you with what you are looking for. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty, providing a fair market price for used CNC machines.  Are you not sure which type of CNC machine you are looking for? That’s okay. Our website allows you to compare technical specifications and machine features. Our state of the art inventory selection is updated daily featuring hundreds of heavy duty machines.

Types of CNC Machines Available

We have come a long way since the punched tape machines of the 1940s.  Manufacturing is an ever changing world and advancing technology is key to your success.  Our marketplace includes all types of heavy duty CNC machinery tools to meet these new challenges.  Whether you are looking for mills, lathes, fabrication machines, 3D printers or more, you can expect to find it on  Our website includes high speed, 3 axis, 4 axis, and 5 axis automated programmable inventory. You can expect all of the big name brands including Haas, Mazak, DMG Mori, Doosan, Fadal, and more.  With our community of machine shops, lesser known or small volume OEMS will become easier to find and connect to.

Expanding margins in the manufacturing world is very important to a financial and stable future.  Let us help you get there. The machines listed on our website are the kind that can integrate well with CAM software, which will lend itself to cutting time programming your next project.  G and M coding headaches can become handled by software, streamlining the time from print to prototype. Many of the machines are automation ready, with the ability to be used in line with robots for material handling, cutting labor costs.  Maybe you are looking for an older machine that has controls, drives, or machine parts that are obsolete and need a backup for that critical piece of equipment in your shop. Using our website, you can even find the same machine or a machine tool with similar features that is a considerable upgrade with higher spindle RPMs, travel feed rates, or higher horsepower to cut your cycle times down.  Lean your process down to get more projects in and done on time. Maybe your niche is accuracy and tolerances are getting harder to meet. Stay up to date with the latest driven motors and positioning control systems that meet all your GD&T needs. Are you constantly changing over from one tool to the next? Upgrade your system to a higher capacity tool changer with rapid feeds to virtually eliminate change over times.

Choosing the perfect CNC

When buying your CNC, you must have your end customer in mind.  Not only your next customer but all of your future customers. What is your market?  Who are you supplying and what is their market? Do you plan to expand in the future?  These are all used cnc machinequestions you want to start with. Take some time and think about this, because investing into a CNC machine is an important decision.  You don’t want to be 6 months down the road after a purchase and realize that the 6000 RPM spindle you purchased for grey iron is not going to effectively pump out aluminum parts because you have a new automotive customer that requires it.

A good tool for this is a thought map.  This helps you brainstorm what your customer and product base is and helps define requirements of the machinery.  Start with your company. Expand out to your current customers. From there, expand what their current and future products look like.  Then, think about potential customers you would like to reach. Again, expand what their needs and products might look like. Once you have accomplished this, you will have a baseline for your machine requirements.

The next step is to understand how you are going to machine all of those parts.  A simple value stream map will help you visualize the flow through your shop. Start with what you have today.  What are the missing gaps? Where could you go from multiple machines to just one? What is your biggest killer for time?  What is your most important customer requirement? Are you meeting them? From this, you should be able to create a list of gaps you would like to cover with your next machine.  Make sure you review it when it comes time to purchase.

Next, we need to decide what kind of CNC machine we need to buy.  Going back to your customer requirements, consider volume. Will a vertical mill be able to handle your project?  What if you could rotate the pallet and mill multiple set ups at once? This will help you narrow what kind of machine set up you can get away with.  Go back to your customer requirements on quality. Understand the kind of tolerances they are expecting. This will help determine if your machine requires highly accurate positioning ball screws with scales, or if something simpler is needed and money can be saved.  Consider the type of material you are machining. Softer material like wood and aluminum require higher RPM and lower power then a harder material like steel or grey iron. Sometimes in order to be flexible, you may have to sacrifice the best condition for one material to meet conditions that can meet all material.

Once you have narrowed down the type of machine, consider the specifications.  If you are looking to minimize the amount of non-value added time (i.e. A waste which your customer is not paying you for!) consider tool change capacity, machine rapid rates, and fixture flexibility.  Consider the ability to incorporate CAM to reduce programming time and optimize machining cycle time. These options will become important, so take the time to understand what is available. An excel file can be made with each of these and ranked from machine to machine to help understand the best value for your investment.

Understand the OEM and their level of customer satisfaction.   If they are not in business anymore, can you still receive support from someone else?  Why did they go out of business? How long have they been making this type of machine? If they are not American, do they have 24 hour service centers for support in America?  Is there someone local that can support parts or service if needed? These are all very important questions that need to be answered for a good decision.

Once you have answered these questions you will be more prepared to find the perfect CNC machine for sale on, where we make the buying and selling process easy.

 We realize the process of finding, buying and selling used CNC machines can be very time consuming. This is why our CNC Machine sales experts provide support to shop owners by empowering them with affordable and effective options to increase their manufacturing capacity.

You can browse our categories by CNC brands or by CNC machine model to find your next used cnc mill or used CNC Lathe, Additional used CNC equipment for sale includes: used CNC fabrication machines, vertical turret lathe (VTL) models, all sizes of CNC Milling Machine centers and even 3D Printers. We are happy to work with businesses ranging from start up job shops buying CNC Machines for the first time to cash cow operations running hundreds of Used Haas CNC, Used Mazak CNC, Used Fadal CNC Mills, Used Okuma, and many, many more!

Call us at 844.262.6789 for information on hundreds of used CNC Machines from trusted brands like Haas Automation, Mazak USA, Doosan / Daewoo, DMG Mori Seiki, Fadal, and more!

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