Sell Your CNC Machine Shop

There is a Demand for Used CNC’s

Do you want to sell or upgrade your CNC machines? At, we can help! Our business is helping manufacturers like you sell their surplus CNC equipment. No matter how many productive hours you’ve logged on that CNC Swiss or vertical machining center, every piece of equipment reaches a time when it’s no longer the best fit for your business. We buy, refurbish, market and sell CNC machines from all over the North America. We make it easy for you to sell your used CNC no matter what condition it’s in or your reasons for selling.

Products change, materials change, and technology is always changing. You can sell any CNC equipment that’s no longer providing enough revenue for its floor space or maybe is mothballed offsite. CNC equipment of all types and ages was engineered and designed for longevity, so scrapping it rarely makes financial sense. You need a partner who knows CNC’s and the manufacturers who buy them. When it’s time to sell your used CNC machines or other related equipment, it’s great to have a dependable, trustworthy company that makes that job easy.

We Have The Experience You Can Trust

Our CNC experts have thousands of hours experiences evaluating, selling and marketing used CNC’s so we can get your equipment before a potential buyer quickly. We buy your equipment and refurbish it so that it’s ready for it’s new life. Just like making CNC parts is your business, buying, refurbishing and selling used CNC’s is business.

We make the process simple and profitable for you. We turn your used CNC machines into cash to add to the bottom line or else use it to upgrade to newer CNC more suited to the products that you are making. It’s as simple as contacting us, describing your CNC, getting an offer from us, arranging a time for inspection and shipping it. We’ll walk you through each step of the process to ensure that you get maximum value and the least amount of hassle possible in the process.

Why sell your used CNC machine to us?

For a Growing Machining Business

Is it time for you to buy your next CNC machine? As much as you love getting new business opportunities, it’s stressful when jobs take longer than you expect, and you have to call customers letting them know that you’re not going to be on time. And it’s almost as bad to turn away business when your lead-times are too long as it is to not have enough work to keep all your CNC’s running all the time. If you’re like so many other small American manufacturers, buying a new CNC at full-price is a risk you may not be willing to take, but you do need more capacity.

We started our company to help manufacturers just like you. There are many similarities between the car business and CNC machine business. Like the new car that loses the greatest percent of value the day you pull it off the lot, it’s when a brand-new machine leaves the manufacturer that it loses it’s value. The good news is that after the initial depreciation, many used CNC machines hold their value MUCH better than cars. They are valued based on the demand to make parts that are in the sweet-spot for that equipment and the ability for machinists to operate them. And like a car, new CNC’s each year come out with bells and whistles that incrementally improve production capability, but not every company really needs super-speed, a new process controller, extra stability for heavy parts, more clearance between tools, more ergonomic loading, better CAD/CAM integration, or the many other things that the manufacturers offer each year. While it would be great to buy new each year, a production machine shop or job shop in the United States has the option to buy used, saving money and incrementally improve their machining capabilities.

We buy CNC machines from American machine shops and manufacturers

We buy CNC machines from American machine shops and manufacturers who want to liquidate their equipment quickly for the best price. Not only can we help you replace that machine with cash, but we can also consult with you selecting the replacement equipment. You can count on us to help you make investments in CNC’s that continuously improve your capacity, speed, agility and expertise in CNC machining. Our experts know what machines are best for what applications and would love to be your partner as your company grows into new markets. Both selling and buying equipment is a natural part of the evolution of a growing CNC machining company, and we would like to be your partner!

For a Closing Machining Business

We know that selling or closing your business after years of operation can be emotional and difficult. Your equipment has been your bread and butter for so long, but now you need cash instead. We can make that process easier for you by not only buying your used CNC and other machining equipment, but we may even offer to buy your business. Let us talk with you about your desires for the future. You really can dream again and we can help.

We’ll come visit and evaluate all your machining equipment and make you a great offer. It might be much easier than you think to sell your used CNC equipment. Used CNC’s and related equipment is our business, so we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the industry.  We would love to talk with you about your need to sell your machine shop or machining company.


No matter what your reason is for selling your CNC machines, we provide fast payment and fast pickup to make the transaction easy.

If you would like you can do some research on our site if you want to see how much CNC’s are retailing for. You can search by brand or by type. Here are a few links to get you started, but keep in mind that there are over 300 manufacturers of CNC’s with equipment still available for sale, so if you don’t see your type of CNC listed, don’t worry we’re still interested in buying your equipment.


Research by Brand of Used CNC

Used Citizen CNC’s

Used DMG / Mori Seiki CNC’s

Used Doosan / Daewood CNC’s

Used Fadal CNC’s

Used Haas CNC’s

Used Hitachi Seiki CNC’s

Used Hurco CNC’s

Used Mazak CNC’s

Used Milltronics CNC’s

Used Okuma CNC’s

Used Samsung CNC’s


Research by Type of Used CNC

2-Axis CNC Lathe

3-Axis CNC Lathe

5-Axis CNC Lathe

Swiss Lathes

Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL)

4-Axis CNC Milling Machine

5-Axis CNC Milling Machine

Horizontal Boring Mill

Horizontal Machining Center

As you’re preparing your used CNC for sale, you’ll want to gather the specifications on it. Typical questions you’ll hear include:

  • What year was it purchased?
  • Do you have any records from that original purchase?
    • Usually this paperwork will have lots of details on it about the machine that will be used when we list it for sale.
    • Any documents related to the purchase of is helpful
  • Does it come with any tooling? Bar feeder? Chip conveyor belts? Let us know anything that you’d like to sell with it.
  • How many hours has it operated?
  • Do you have any maintenance records for it, if so can you provide them?
  • Have you done any software upgrades to the controller (if applicable)?
  • What kind of parts did this machine make best? (materials, industry)
  • Why are you selling it?

4 Easy Steps to Sell Your CNC Machine

We understand it can be difficult to figure out how to sell your used CNC machine for top dollar. You are in the business of making, marketing and selling your products, and is in the business of buying and selling CNC machines. Doesn’t it make sense to have an expert in the CNC equipment business help you? For companies trying to sell their CNC machines, the most common questions we receive are the following:

  • How do I sell my used CNC machine?
  • What exactly is involved in selling my CNC machine?

Below, we list our 4 easy steps you can follow to sell your CNC machine to us. You’ll tell us what you have for sale, provide us with the details that you have on your equipment and we’ll make an offer. You may be surprised how much we can offer for equipment that you’ve made money on many times over.

STEP 1: Get a Free Valuation. We will make an offer.

Get started by filling out the valuation form on our website, or by giving us a call at (844) 262-6789.  We know the market for used CNC lathes, machining centers, vertical and horizontal mills from a wide range of well-known manufacturers like Haas, Mazak, Citizen, Hurco, Fadal, Samsung and many more. If it’s used in a machine shop to make chips, we can probably buy it. Even if the company that made your machine is no longer in business, your equipment may be worth more than you think. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to make you an offer for your used CNC equipment. We know the market and will make you a great offer.

STEP 2: Arrange for Inspection of the Equipment.

After you accept our offer, will send an inspector right away to verify mechanical and physical condition. Follow these tips to get your CNC ready for sale. We may fly out one of our team reps to inspect or hire a local third party. This is our chance to get to know both you and your equipment. Typically, this takes just a few business days. If your CNC machine matches the description you provided either verbally or in our online form, then the inspection will be a breeze.

STEP 3: Get Paid for your Used CNC Machine.

At this point, once we confirm that your CNC machine matches the description and condition, you can select how you would like us to pay you and we will send the money. It’s really that easy. We can either mail you a check, or wire you the total amount of the purchase price. In most cases, payment is made the day after inspection.

STEP 4: Ship the machine to us.

Even though CNC Machines are some of the most durable manufacturing machines on the planet, you still want to properly lock down moving components and wrap the machine, so it is protected during shipment. It can be more challenging than shipping parts like you do every day, but with our help, you’ll find it’s really not too hard. All you need to do is follow our simple guidelines for properly preparing your machine for shipment of your CNC machine.

Our logistics department will help with scheduling rigging and trucking companies to work around your schedule. We know that shipping CNC’s is not your everyday kind of job, and we want to make sure that the sale and shipment of your used CNC equipment is as minimally disruptive as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and find out how to turn your used CNC machines from metal into cash by selling it to us. Start working with us to find the replacements for the equipment that no longer meets your product mix and expertise. Advance your shop’s ability to make complex parts by upgrading to 5-Axis CNC’s, Horizontal Machining Centers, Swiss Lathes or whatever is next in the evolution and continuous improvement plans for your machining company.  In summary, selling your CNC machine with us is a great way to make cash quickly, and for growing companies, we can offer you free consultation on selecting your next equipment best suited to an application. We’d love to get to know you and how we can help with all your CNC equipment needs. Call us at (844) 262-6789 or fill out a valuation form on our website and let’s get started!