Traub TNC30 DGY


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Traub TNC30 DGY Twin Spindle Twin Turret Live Tooling with Y Axis Lathe

Specifications for Traub TNC30 DGY:

Y Axis
Bar Capacity:1.18″
Both Spindles, with upper and lower turrret
Barfeeder: Traub Stamag DN26 or LNS Mini Sprint 2
Mayfran Chip Conveyor
Both Turrets Equipped with VDI 25 Tooling
Both Spindles C Axis
Turrets (both) have live tooling and Polygon Turning Capabilities
Part Catcher
Parts Conveyor
Turning Diameter: 11.81″
2 Motorized Turrets with 12 posts each
Chuck Size: 6″
Main Spindle: 10 Hp
Sub Spindle: 7.4 Hp
Fixed Main Head Stock
Mobile Tail Stock
Synchronized Counter Spindle
Max Traverse Stock X1: 4.7″ X2: 4.33″
Max Longitudinal Stroke: 13″
Spindle Speed: 950-7000 RPM
Equipped with:
CNC: Traub System TX8F
Product Auto ID: 1770
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