Tornos Deco Swiss Lathe (10A)


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Tornos Deco Swiss Lathe (10A), Used 2004 Swiss Lathe for Sale

Specifications for Tornos Deco Swiss Lathe (10A):

maxi diameter :   10 [mm]
headstock strokes :   66 [mm]
rotation speed :  16,000 [rpm]
spindle power :  3.7 [kw]
turning tools number :  2 x 4 positions
# of possible rotary tools :  4
count of tools at the combined attachment : 3
# of possible rotary tools at combined attachment :  3
maxi diameter in sub-spindle :  10 [mm]
sub-spindle power :  3.7 [kw]
tools # in counter-operation :  4
parts catcher
dimensions :  170 x 101 x 200 [cm]

Equipped with:

LNS Bar Feeder
Fanuc Control
Parts Catcher
Rotary Guide bushings

Product Auto ID:  1811
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