Haas VF4SS

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Haas VF4SS, Used Haas VF 4SS Vertical Machining Center

The Haas VF 4SS is a super speed vertical machining center created by Haas Automation. This Haas is an amazing upgraded CNC machine with an impressive 12,000 RPM spindle. This Haas VF-4SS also is equipped with a larger capacity high-speed tool changer. This machine is very similar to the Haas VF4 but the Haas VF-4SS has faster speeds and a bigger tool capacity. For more information on this machine, refer to the specifications below or give us a call at 844.262.6789.

Specifications for the Haas VF 4SS:

X Axis Travel 50″
Y Axis Travel 20″
Z Axis Travel 25″
Spindle Motor 30 HP
Spindle Speed 12,000 RPM
Taper (Spindle) CT 40 Taper
Tool Changer 24 Side Mounted

Why you should buy the Haas VF 4 SS instead of the Haas VF 4:

  • Same size footprint
  • Faster spindle at 12,000 RPMs
  • Larger tool capacity
  • Faster rapids at 1,400 IPMs compared to 1,000 IPMs
  • Similar price for a quicker machine

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