Haas VF4

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Used Haas VF4 (1999) CNC Vertical Mill (SOLD)

Haas VF4 Travels:
X-Axis 50”
Y-Axis 20”
Z-Axis 25”
Table Size 52” x 18”
Max. Work piece Weight 3,500 lbs.
Spindle Nose to Table 4” – 29”
Speed 7,500 RPM
Spindle Taper CAT 40
Motor 20 HP
Auto Tool Changer 20 ATC
Max. Tool Length 9”
Tool Diameter 3.5”
Max. Tool Weight 12 lbs.
Tool Change Time 4.2 Seconds
Chip to Chip Time 4.5 Seconds
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 118” x 110” x 118”
Machine Weight 13,300 lbs.

Equipped with:
Programmable Coolant
Wired for 4th Axis
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The Haas is one of the more desired CNC VMC on the market today. This machine is set up and ready to have a 4th Axis plugged. With full programmable coolant feature will help keep those chips from getting in the way. We just installed a new ball screw in the Y Axis and cleaned up so it’s ready for the next owner. This machine is on our floor and can be either demonstrated or ready to ship with a day notice. We hope you consider CNCMachines.net as a top choice when looking for a used Haas mill. If you are in the market and having a hard time learning what to look for in a used Haas machine. Call one of our experts today and we can help show you what to look for and who to hire to help you inspect a used Haas machine properly. Nothing is more frustrating  getting a delivery and having to fix your new purchase before ever getting the power up and running. We have some video’s and photos available if you would like to see more details on this used Haas VF-4. We are Haas VF4 experts and can help you find the perfect CNC Mill for your next project.