Fadal 6030HT

This Fadal 6030HT was recently sold to its new owner. For more information about similar Fadal vertical machining centers, give us a call at 844.262.6789. Otherwise, we have over 300 CNC machines listed on our website for you to browse for the perfect machine for you.

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Fadal 6030HT

Fadal CNC made an impressive Fadal 6030HT from the early 1990’s – late 2000’s. During that time frame Fadal was the largest producer of CNC VMC machine tools in the world. The 6030-HT was among its greatest and most impressive models. Reason being, the VMC-6030-HT had an upgraded motor with a higher RPM for faster and more rigged cutting capability. They also upgraded the ways to a Box style for better and heavier cutting. If you take a look at this 2001 specs below. You will see it was designed with an extended travel in the Z axis allowing for a large 4th axis table without loosing any travel or capability. This used Fadal 6030 also comes with an impressive 4th axis, ext memory and automatic high low. For more details contact one of CNC experts for details and availability.

Fadal 6030HT Specifications:

X Axis Travel 60″
Y Axis Travel 30″
Z Axis Travel 35″
Table Size 62″x30″
Spindle Motor 20 HP
Speed 10,000 RPM
Spindle Taper CAT40
Tool Changer 21 ATC

Fadal VMC6030HT Equipped with:

28″ Ext Z Axis
4Th Axis, 10″ Face Plate
422 Memory
Auto High Low
Box Ways
High Torque

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7 Reasons why the Fadal VMC 6030HT is the best option for the price:

  1. Huge 60″ x 30″ Y x 35″ Z Axis Travels
  2. Large 4th Axis table for big parts
  3. High Torque RPM spindle for fast and heavy duty
  4. Extra Memory for programs
  5. Box Way design
  6. Extended Z Axis for taller parts
  7. Easy to work on

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