Euromac BX1000 30 1250


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Euromac BX1000 30 1250, Used 2005 Punching Machine w Auto Lube System

Specifications for Euromac BX1000 30 1250:

Punching Machine with Auto Lube System
Trumph Adapter
L Gauge for Semi Automatic Operation/ 2 Clamps
Punch Capacity 33.72 Ton
Maximum Punch With Multitool 24mm in 6mm
Maximum Tool With Optional Tool Holder 3″
Y Axis with Multitool 41″
Y Axis with Single Tool 40″
X Axis 50″
Automatic Repo in X up to 390 degrees
NC Stroke depth 0.004 to 1.22″
Speed Y Axis 1575 IPM
Hit Rate Punching 180
Hit Rate Nibbling 340
Maximum Weight at Maximum Speed 176 LB
Operating System Windows XP
Usb Port 2
Dimensions 111″ x 89″
Weight 10,780 LB

Located in Oregon

Product Auto Id:  1857


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