Engel E-Insert 80V/45


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Used Engel E-Insert 80V/45 (2011)

Specifications For Engel E-Insert 80V/45:
Type Inline 80
Clamp Force 45 US Tons
Shot Size .6 Oz – 17g/15mm
Platen Size 37″x15.7″
Max Daylight 20.05″
Min Mold Height 7.48″
Clamp Stroke 12.99″
Ejector Stroke 4.3″ – 2.26″
Shuttle Table Stroke 33.5″
Shuttle Table Sliding Time 3.5 seconds
Max Mold Weight Shuttle Table 2205 lbs.
Max Mold Weight Moving Platen 772 lbs.

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Equipped With:

CC200 A02 Control Package
Hydraulic powered shuttle table
Clamp unit
Special strokes for shuttle table
Splash Guard
Polycarbonate safety glass
12-zone mold heating control
Power unit ecodrive
Ecograph for energy analysis
Acoustic alarm combined with lamp
Electrical design with North American standards
PD-graphics II (graphical monitoring)
Service receptacle (115 volts)
Oil bath lubrication of injection unit
Combined water terminal for machine and mould cooling
Water flow control manifold 0-10 1/min, 8-circuits
Vacuum pump with vacuum valve
Pressure transducer

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