DoAll C4100NC

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DoAll C4100NC Horizontal Band Saw (2001) Refurbished 2016

Specifications for DoAll C4100NC:

16″ Full Auto Feed
21 ft In feed
12 ft Out feed
Programmable Control
99 Job Capacity
Split Front Vise
Index Vise
Variable Vise Pressure Control
Multiple Index up to 999″
Chip Auger
Piece Counter
Discharge Tray
Work Light
In and Out Feed Racks
Cutting Cap. Rect 16″ x 16″
Band Saw Blade 1.5″ x 186″
Band Speed (Inf. Var.) 40-360 fpm
Band Drive Motor 10 HP
Estimate Weight 8800 Lbs
Dimensions 109″ x 88″ x 60″
12 foot outfeed approx
30 foot indeed approx

The refurb included new bearings in the main drive motor. replacement of coolant fittings. cleaning and inspection of the machine. check alignment of cutting head. replace all battery backups. install new carbide blade guides. refurbish and replace operator buttons and work lamp.

Product Auto Id:  1858

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