Manual DeVlieg Spiramatic JigMil 43K-72

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Used DeVlieg Spiramatic JigMil 43K-72 (1981)

Specifications for:

DeVlieg SPiramatic JigMil 43K-72

Diameter Of Spindle: 4″
T-Slotted Table: 35″ x 72″
Longitudinal Travel: 72″
Vertical Headstock Travel: 60″
Platen Travel: 16″ With Auto Platen Adjustable
Stop With Micro Adjustment
Spindle Travel: 20″
(20) Spindle Speeds: 0-1,450 RPM
(16) Feed Speeds For Vertical/Horizontal
Travel: .0-36 IPM
(17) Spindle Feed Speeds: 0-.167 IPM
Spindle Taper: #50

Equipped With:

Green Button Controls
Power Tool Lock
Stainless Steel Way Covers
Table/Head Handle
3 HP Way Lube Pump With 10 Gallon Tank
220/440 Volt Motor, (Currently Wired For 440 Volts)
Approximate Dimensions Of Machine: 138″ x 198″ x 133″ H
Approximate Dimensions Of Numerical Control: 2′ x 2′ x 78″ H
Approx. Weight: 33,000 Lbs.

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