Crystal CK0640A


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Used Crystal CK0640A

Specifications for Crystal CK0640A:

Spindle bore Φ42mm
Max. swing over bed Φ300mm
Max. swing over carriage φ130mm
Z-axis max length of work piece 250mm
X- axis max motion traveling schedule 200mm(if add tailstock, travel distance of Z-axis is more than400mm)
X-axis fast moving speed 6000mm/min
Z- axis fast moving speed 8000 mm/min
X-axis feed rates 1~2,000mm/min
Z- axis feed rates 1~1,800mm/min
Range of spindle speed 50~2500/mm/min
Thread machining scope (metric system) 0.25~12mm
Thread machining scope (British system) 28~3 1/2
Stations of tool carrier gang-type tool carrier
Power of the main drive motor 4KW
Dimensions: 59″ x 41″ x 63″
Weight: 1874 lbs

Product Auto Id: 1464

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