Crystal CK0640


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Crystal CK0640, Used 2015 CNC Horizontal Lathe

Specifications for Crystal CK0640:

Spindle bore Φ42mm
Max. swing over bed Φ300mm
Max. swing over carriage φ130mm
Z-axis max length of work piece 250mm
X- axis max motion traveling schedule 200mm(if add tailstock, travel distance of Z-axis is more than400mm)
X-axis fast moving speed 6000mm/min
Z- axis fast moving speed 8000 mm/min
X-axis feed rates 1~2000mm/min
Z- axis feed rates 1~1800mm/min
Range of spindle speed 50~2500/mm/min
Thread machining scope (metric system) 0.25~12mm
Thread machining scope (British system) 28~3 1/2
Stations of tool carrier gang-type tool carrier
Power of the main drive motor 4KW

CK0640A CNC lathe used mechanical and electrical integration design, has beautiful shape, reasonable structure, convenient operation,
wide applications, convenient operation, a machine can realize until advantage, multiple products a circular/end face/hole/cutting/any cone/sphere and various metric system of automatic thread cutting, with perfect S/T/M function, can give and receive multiple signal, automatic control processing program.
1. The base of the machine is wide enough, and the structure of the lead rail is reasonable, and the headstock was designed with radiator, which can improve the stability of the machine and the spindle effectively.
2. Both the back and forth bearings of the spindle are the accurate angular contact bearings, which can load and have the best stability.
3. The lead rail is made from cast iron and treated by the super audio quenching, to ensure the stability, accuracy and service life.
4. The X-axis is designed of 4 points a line and the Z-axis is designed of 3 points a line to ensure the stability and not affected by the side force.
5. The Z-axis rail is designed closely, to protect the rail when it is operated.

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