Cosen C Tech series C-5


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Used Cosen C Tech series C-5  Saw

Specification for Cosen C Tech series C-5
Max Capacity:
22.4″x 22.4″
22″ x 23.6″
Saw Blade:
Speed: 66-330 sfpm
Size: 248″ x 2.1″ x 0.063″
Tension: Hydraulic

Motor Output:
Saw Blade: 10Hp
Hydraulic: 2Hp
Coolant Pump 1/4 gal

Feeding Length:
Per Stroke: 17.7″
Multi Stroke: max 999 inches

Dimensions: 86.2″ x 132.6″ x 83.6″
Weight: 8580 lbs

5.7” Touch screen
Mitsubishi PLC controller
100 individual jobs can be programmed and stored
Advanced encoder allows for accurate height measurement
Can display cutting rate in Inches per Minute or Square Inches per Minute
Motor amp draw
First Cut mode allows for accurate first cut with having trim cut made
Optional Blade Deviation Detection monitor can be controlled directly from Touch Screen

Extra New Blades with Saw

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