3 Axis CNC Lathes

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3 Axis CNC Lathes

A 3 Axis CNC Lathes are most commonly known to have “Live Tooling”. this feature is becoming more common with manufacturers today demanding higher productivity from their automation.  The 3  Axis or C Axis is option allowing the 2 axis turning center to have milling feature.

This capability can give flexibility for drilling and tapping holes, milling flats and keyway in the part. CNCMachines.Net is an expert in 3 Axis CNC lathes with live tooling and can help you determine if your project needs would benefit from this upgrade.

Here are some more things to consider when comparing a 2 Axis to 3 Axis CNC lathe. If you feel 3 Axis will serve your needs better, we have a nice selection below and can help you determine the right machine for your application.

6 Questions to ask if a 3 axis lathe is right for you.

  • Will this complete my part in one operation vs lathe and a mill cell?
  • Does the cost justify the long term gain of being more efficient?
  • Will this help me be more competitive and profitable?
  • Will my CNC mill be faster and more reliable than the smaller milling feature on a lathe?
  • Does the cost afford the technology?
  • Does a used 3 axis cnc lathe afford me more machine for the money?