3 Axis CNC Lathes

3 Axis CNC Lathes Live Tooling are becoming more common with manufacturers today demanding higher productivity from their automation.  The 3  Axis or C Axis is option allowing the turning center to have milling feature. This capability can give flexibility for drilling and tapping holes, milling flats and keyway in the part. CNCMachines.Net is an expert in 3 Axis CNC lathes and can help you determine if your project needs would benefit from this upgrade. Here are some more things to consider when comparing a 2 Axis to 3 Axis CNC lathe. If you feel 3 Axis will serve your needs better, we have a nice selection below and can help you determine the right machine for your application.

  • Will this complete my part in one operation vs lathe and a mill?
  • Does the cost justify the long term gain of being more efficient?
  • Will this help me be more competitive?
  • Will my CNC mill be faster and more reliable than the smaller milling feature on a lathe?

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