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VMX24i, VMX30i, VMX42i, VMX50i, VMX50i-50t, VMX64i, VMX64i-50T, VMX6030i, VMX6030i-50T, VMX84i, VMX84i-50T, HTL8-60i, HTM30i, HM1700i, HM1700Ri, BX40i, BX40Ui, BX50i, BX60i, VC500i, VCX600i. Trunnion Table 5-Axsis CNC’s: VM10Ui, VM10UHSi, VMX30UHSi, VMX42USi, VMX42Ui, VMX60Ui, VTXUi

Looking for a Hurco CNC Mill to fit your specifications and your budget? Then look no further! CNCMachines.Net carries a wide range of used Hurco CNC mills. Our machines are ready to produce machined parts for a wide range of applications. Since 1997 when Hurco introduced the VMX Series and 2003 when they put 5-Axis on the market, they’ve been innovating machining solutions. Hurco prides itself on making 5-axis CNC machining easy. Learn more about the Hurco machines to select the perfect ones for your application.