How to Sell Your CNC Machine

There Is a Huge Market for Used CNC Machines

Our CNC experts have thousands of hours of experience helping manufacturers sell their surplus CNC equipment.  They’re available to help and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

At, we aim to make the process as quick and simple as possible. Therefore, you can get the most cash for your pre-owned CNC machine.

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4 Easy Steps to Sell Your CNC Machine

4 Easy Steps to Sell Your CNC Machine

We understand it can be difficult to figure out how to sell your used CNC machine for top dollar. How do you even know where to sell it? The two most common questions we receive are the following:

  • How do I sell my used CNC machine?
  • What exactly is involved in selling my CNC machine?

Below, we list our 4 easy steps you can follow to sell your CNC machine.

STEP 1: Get a Free Valuation

First, you can start by either filling out the valuation form on our website, or by giving us a call at (844) 262-6789. Therefore one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to give you a retail to cash price over the phone. Also, this is a great way to get a fast quote within minutes.

STEP 2: Inspection

After you accept our offer, will then send an inspector right away to verify mechanical and physical condition. Follow these tips to get your CNC ready for sale. Many times we will fly out one of our team reps to inspect or hire a local third party. Typically, this takes just a few business days. This is the second step to selling your CNC machine.

STEP 3: Get Paid

At this point, once we confirm that your CNC machine matches the description and condition, you can select how you would like us to pay you and send the money. We can either mail you a check, or wire you the total amount of the purchase price. In most cases, payment is made the day after inspection.

STEP 4: Shipment

In conclusion, even though CNC Machines are some of the most durable manufacturing machines on the planet, you still want to properly lock down moving components and wrap the machine so it is protected during shipment. All you need to do is follow our simple guidelines for properly preparing your machine for shipment of your CNC machine. Our logistics department will help with scheduling rigging and trucking companies to work around your schedule. As a result, this ensures the least amount of interruption to your production flow. That is all it takes when you’re learning how to sell your CNC Machine!