How to Market used CNC Machines

Find out how to maximize and shorten time to sell CNC machines.

Top 5 strategies how to market used cnc machines!

  1. GOOGLE MARKETING is the gateway for many active searchers. We have become the leader in Google Shopping which list your machine photo and price on the search engine results and average over 1,000 American CNC buyers daily. Google AdWords and Google Remarketing equates to over 100,000 impressions daily. This is our top strategy how to market used cnc machines.
  2. VIDEO of the machine running cycles showing major components functioning really helps fast forward the buyers interest towards a sale.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Buyers do buy from social, but we see more social interaction to gain their trust and relationship. We target Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the top social platforms.
  4. DATABASE MARKETING is our behind the scenes competitive advantage with over 60,000 USA machine shops and being able to target by industry, types of machines they like and sizes they run. Gives us an incredible inside view of what they like and use. This database took us over 10,000 man hours and 3 years to develop.
  5. EMAIL was the top channel for marketing used CNC machines back the 1990’s – early 2000’s. Buyers are only interested in seeing emails when they are actively looking and shopping. CNCMachines.Net has a great open ratio in comparison to industry standard averaging as high as 18% open ratio because our emails are only filled with new listings and upfront prices listed on all our machines. However we feel this is no longer the top leader in CNC marketing.

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