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Haas VS Mazak

Haas VS Mazak

The top two selling CNC brands to compare on the market today are Haas vs Mazak.

So the question is which brand is better? Haas or Mazak?

Both Haas and Mazak offer excellent service and quality product.

Haas is better known in the USA market and Mazak has a longer history with global footprint offering a large range of CNC machines from machining, laser cutting and full Automation. Haas has done an excellent job focusing on the machining market. Their approach is to keep it simple when offering a quality CNC machine product with excellent affordable parts and repair support.

We recommend these 5 CNC Haas VS Mazak questions to ask yourself when comparing both used Haas CNC and used Mazak CNC machines.

5 Haas VS Mazak Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. Do you prefer American or Japanese quality?
  2. Do you prefer simple G Code (Haas) or Mazatrol Conversational (Mazak) CNC control?
  3. Who offers the best service and support in your area?
  4. Which CNC brand does your machinist prefer to use daily in your shop?
  5. Which machine do you like to look at every day and use yourself?

When comparing the two brands, we urge you to do your research to help narrow down the best CNC tool for your project and location.

When it comes to Haas vs Mazak, both CNC brands are world class and have the support structure to ensure you can get parts and service. We deal with all the major brands across the whole country and seems to us these the the two biggest names in the industry.

Leave a comment below which CNC brand you feel is better and why?

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