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Haas VF Mills For Sale

The first Haas VF CNC machine was build in 1987 by Gene Haas and he called it the “Very First 1” or what is more commonly known the VF1. Today Haas Automation is a multi billion dollar operation and sold over 175,000 CNC machines, half of which are exported outside of the USA.

Haas VF models are among the more common CNC milling machines we see being bought, traded and sold. Therefore similar used Haas CNC mills have a high resale value and typically realize excellent success when selling back to the market. Demand for the these mills is superior to any other used CNC mills on the market and hold some of the highest resell value compared to other major brands. Our team prides itself on knowing Haas better that most used CNC dealers and can help you pinpoint the perfect used Haas VF machine. Below is a list of all the different size and types of VF machines build by Haas Automation.

Used Haas VF Model List:

  • VF1, VF-1, VF1SS (20 INCH)
  • UMC750, UMC-750, UMC-750SS, UMC750p (30 INCH)
  • VF2, VF-2, VF2YT, VF2SS, VF2SSYT, VM2 (30 INCH)
  • VF3, VF-3, VF3YT, VF3SS, VF3SSYT, VF3/50, VF3/50XT, VF3/50YT, VM3 (40 INCH)
  • VF4, VF-4, VF4YT, VF4SS, VF4SSYT (50 INCH)
  • VF5, VF-5, VF5YT, VF5SS, VF5SSYT, VF5/50, VF5/50XT, VF5/50YT, VF5/50TR (50-60 INCH)
  • VF6, VF-6, VF6YT, VF6SS, VF6SSYT, VF6/50, VF6/40TR,VF6/50TR, VM6 (60 INCH)
  • VF7/40,VF7/50 (84 INCH)
  • VF8/40,VF8/50 (64 INCH)
  • VF9/40,VF9/50 (84 INCH)
  • VF10/40,VF10/50 (120 INCH)
  • VF11/40,VF11/50 (120 INCH)
  • VF12/40,VF12/50 (150 INCH)