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Haas SL CNC Lathe

We can help you research several types of used Haas CNC lathe models. If you are looking for a Haas SL, they come in different sizes including but not limited to:

  • SL10
  • SL20
  • SL30
  • SL40

We have these available from late 1990’s to 2010. In 2011 Haas made some changes and have been naming the new Haas CNC Lathe models with an ‘ST’ prefix instead of ‘SL’. These newer Haas ST lathe models include: ST10, ST20, ST30, ST40, ST50. Several of these models also come with an optional tailstock and are indicated as such with a “T” model suffix. We have these models in both 2 and 3 axis with the live tooling option.

Take a look and let one of our experts know if any of these used Haas lathes will work for your next production needs. If you don’t see the Haas SL or ST you’re looking for, just call one of our CNC experts at 844.262.6789 so they can let you know if one will be available in the future.