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Used Grinding Machines

Are you looking for a used grinding machine for sale at a fair price? We can help. Every grinding machine for sale at has been thoroughly checked and can offer you the benefits of CNC grinding technology without the expense of buying new. We specialize in providing an easy way for machining companies find a grinding machine that meets their specifications and budget.

We can help you narrow your selection, find the best fit, and find a grinding machine price that fits your resources. We offer a wide range of grinders including CNC cylindrical grinders, universal CNC grinders, OD/ID grinders, jig grinders. and specialty ID & OD grinding systems.

What Type of Grinding Machine Do You Need?

You need a grinding machine with the right capabilities for your application. Major categories of grinders include surface grinders, cylindrical grinders (OD grinders), centerless grinders, internal grinders (ID grinders) and specialty grinders such as jig grinders.

Surface Grinders: This kind of grinder has an abrasive wheel, a chuck for holding the workpiece and a reciprocating or rotary table. The chuck can hold the material in many ways, from magnetic force, to vacuum holding and of course, mechanical means.  The grinding wheel can be a myriad of shapes depending on the desired geometry of the workpiece. Surface grinders are machine tools that can produce very precise surface finishes. +/-.0001” is achievable on most surface grinders.

Horizontal-Spindle Surface Grinders (Peripheral Surface Grinders): The flat edge or periphery of the wheel contacts the workpiece.

Vertical-Spindle Grinders (Wheel Face Grinders): The face of the grinding wheel is used on the flat surface of the workpiece. The workpiece usually held on a table (reciprocating or rotary).

Cylindrical Grinders: This type of grinding machine is used for shaping the outside of a workpiece. Both the workpiece and the grinding wheel are simultaneously rotated. The grinding wheel is fed towards and away from the work and either the workpiece or grinding wheel is traversed. There are different types of cylindrical grinders including OD grinders, ID grinders, plunge grinders, and centerless grinders.

Outside Diameter (OD) Grinders: The workpiece is mounted between centers (endpoints that hold the piece). The grinding wheel rotates and touches the outside diameter of the workpiece.

Inside Diameter (ID) Grinders: The grinding wheel is smaller the width of the workpiece. The workpiece is held in place by a collet which rotates it. The grinding wheel rotates and creates or touches the inside diameter of the workpiece.

Plunge Grinders: Similar to OD grinders, but the grinding wheel makes continuous contact with a single point on the workpiece instead of traversing it.

Centerless Grinders: This type of grinder used two wheels to hold the workpiece in place. The wheels with the abrasive surface rotate and rotate the piece. The speed of the rotation determines the rate of material removal. Very tight tolerances are possible without a need to hold the workpiece between centers. Thru-feed centerless grinding allows the entire workpiece to move between the wheels and out the other side, in-feed centerless grinding is when a workpiece is partially inserted between the wheels for grinding on a specified length of the part.

Specialty grinders like jig grinders are built to incorporate multiple grinding styles, optimized for specific types of parts. Some used grinders are better at ID and plunge grinding, others do both ID and OD grinding, some have only one spindle and four spindles. Every used grinding machine for sale should list the maximum workpiece weight, distance between centers and maximum grinding wheel diameter. The grinding machine price should reflect the number of spindles, machine size, age and options for that machine.

Compare Brands of Grinding Machines

When deciding on the type of used grinding machines to purchase, you will first determine the type of capability that you need, then the specific brand and model which meets that criteria. The top CNC grinder brands we see in the market today are Okuma, Elb, Cincinnati, Acer, Supertec, Hardinge, Fives, Engis, Star, Rollomatic, Haas, Jones & Shipman, Toyoda, Cinetic. Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages. When considering two similar grinding machines from different machine tool builders, consider the following:

  • Structure (rigidity, construction, machine weight)
  • Technology (controls – ease of use, flexibility and upgrade options)
  • Service and parts availability
  • Training available
  • Machine tool builder reputation and longevity
  • Operator familiarity with the brands

Inspecting a Used Grinding Machine

  1. Inspect for damage and worn components. Carefully look all over the machine. A used grinding machine for sale should show little wear since they are built to last for years.
  2. Ask to operate the machine to see it run. Do some grinding!
  • Listen to the sounds of the axis moving at different speeds
  • Run the spindle(s) at the max RPM.
  • Look at the guards and sensors on the machine. If sensors, switches, wires, and hoses all match and look like they match well, that’s an indication of a well-maintained machine.
  • Grind parts on the machine.
  • Check the electrical cabinet for anything that looks like “not factory” – ask about it.
  • Look for missing screws on the electrical cabinet (indicates service has been done)
  • Ask for documentation on all service provided as well as any original sales documents
  • Ask for operations manuals and any other manuals that came with the machine
  • Ask about the types of materials and tolerances this machine has been used for
  1. For CNC grinders, find out what process controller is on the machine. Has it ever been upgraded? Could it be upgraded?
  2. Review chip & coolant management options.
  3. Find out the electrical requirements for install.

We are a trusted source for used grinders and consistently take in grinding machine trade-ins. We have many used grinders in stock.  We welcome you to call or visit and inspect one of our used grinding machines. Contact us, and we’ll help you find the best grinder for your business.