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As your partner for buying and selling EDM (electrical discharge machines), we can help you grow your business!

Are you looking to buy a used EDM (electrical discharge machine)? Want to learn more about how EDM machining could increase your shop’s machining capabilities? Then you’ve come to the right place. At, a we specialize in all things CNC. Whether you need small medical device parts or large aerospace parts, we can help. We help manufacturers across the United States by providing cost-effective, reliable used machining equipment including wire EDM CNC’s. Perhaps you have a difficult-to-machine part or need very tight tolerances, or maybe you are tired of outsourcing your EDM machining and want to bring it in-house. Whatever the reason, we can help connect you with an EDM to fit both your requirements and your budget.

At, we assist machine shops by identifying the best used CNC machines in each category, collecting the specifications about each machine and putting them together in an easy way for you to navigate the process. As you can see, our website sets EDM machine prices right next to each CNC offered, along with the manufacturer and model. We also provide phone support, so if you are still not sure if electrical discharge machining is right for you, you can contact us or give us a call at 844.262.6789.

Want to replace Older EDM’s? Let’s get started.

For shops that want to upgrade, we will buy your old EDM’s as well as sell you upgraded replacements. For shops that are losing, we can evaluate all your CNC equipment and make an offer to buy it all, and even buy your business if you want to sell it. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) can provide precision that other forms of CNC machining cannot, and no matter how old your equipment, there may be shops looking precisely for what you have.

We offer many brands, so you have many choices.

When you start your journey of buying used EDM machines, you may begin online or with a phone call. Our expertise is in all things CNC and EDM, so we can help you get the best bang for your buck and pair you with equipment suited for the parts you are making, the types of material you are machining, and the size runs that are typical for you. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to electrical discharge machining. Rather than depending on specific machine manufacturers to offer you something within their product line, at you can trust us to be brand-agnostic and make suggestions from our wide breadth of experience working with customers like you. It pays to have a partner that understands the business of electrical discharge machining.

You make machined parts. We buy and sell the equipment that makes the parts.
Let’s partner!

As a growing EDM machining business, you have the opportunity to quote on jobs every week that may not be exactly in your wheelhouse, but it’s no fun passing these up. Many growing shops would like to learn more and take on more challenging jobs for more profit, but just don’t have the equipment or expertise to do so. Without the right EDM equipment, you simply cannot competitively quote certain jobs. So, where do you turn when you get that awesome shot at a new job and your EDM’s are at full capacity? You don’t necessarily have to take a risk and buy new equipment. Why get locked into a lease when you’re not yet sure of how long you’ll have that job? Everyday shops across the country are upgrading their EDM’s in response to growing demand, changes in product mix, and even changes in life that result in a company deciding to close its doors. These used EDM’s are a golden opportunity for you to save time and money while improving your profitability.

Wire EDM vs. Ram (or Sinker EDM)

Wire EDM

Wire EDM has advanced since the 1970’s when it was first introduced in speed, workpiece size, taper, price, accuracy and with CNC EDM, unattended operation abilities.  It uses a single string of thin metal wire for precise incisions in thick metals. The parts are submerged in deionized water and the wire acts as the electrode. Water flushes away the debris for a very clean saw-like cut.

  • Cutting speed has increased as technology has advanced over the years because of higher flushing pressure and faster solid-state generator circuitry, among other things.
  • When selecting a wire EDM machine, you’ll notice that newer machines come in wide range of sizes. Dimension on all axes have increased, but now you can get machines with much more z-axis. The machine travels should be listed for any used EDM machine.
  • Early models of EDM were for die making, and a 1-degree die relief to 4 or 5 inches used to be the maximum possible taper. New machines by Mitsubishi, like the MV1200-S for example, have 45 degree @ 1.8” wide angle taper options.
  • EDM machines are made by a wide range of manufacturers like Sodick, Sharp, Makino, Charmilles, Agie, Mitsubishi, Kent, Brother, Perseo-Eri, Belmont, Anotronic, Sunwind and more. This has kept pricing relative competitive over the years.
  • Electrical discharge machining is particularly known for amazing accuracy. The technology allows for equipment even from the early 2000’s, to go down to .00005”. The resolution for the MV1200-S of 2018 is 0.000002”. This is possible with wire diameters as small as .004”.
  • CNC operated EDM’s with automatic workpiece loading can run unattended and significantly improve shop productivity.

Ram (Die Sinking) EDM

Manual die sinking EDM began around 1955 and gradually improved until the first CNC EDM units were introduced in the 1980’s. It is the conventional form of EDM and is usually used to produce blind cavities. Ram EDM uses spark erosion to remove metal along the surface of a formed electrode. One disadvantage of RAM electrical discharge machining is the mess it can make in your shop. Graphite electrodes can make your shop full of graphite dust, so it’s advised to use filtration systems.

  • The speed of making parts with RAM EDMing has improved greatly over the years. On very old machines, high electrode wear often made it necessary to rough out cavities before doing RAM EDMing. But with solid-state power supplies and premium electrodes, it’s possible to use no-wear settings to rough and then finish in one setup.
  • Orbiting in ram EDM allows for a roughing electrode to often be used also for finishing. Previously, it was common to need multiple electrodes to rough a cavity and then more to finish it. Orbital paths aid in flushing the cavity by creating a pumping action. The electrode can cut not only the bottom, but also along the sides resulting in a much greater surface area being machined at once.
  • Orbital paths possible in ram EDM include down machining, vectorial machining, directional machining, conical machining, horizontal planetary machining, cylindrical machining, helical machining, concave spherical machining and convex spherical machining.

5 Reasons Why Machine Shops buy “New” Used EDM’s Include:

  • Need to Make More Complex Parts for Higher Profit Margins

A great reason to purchase a used EDM is to increase profits by becoming specialized. When you are able to cut difficult materials, like titanium or provide super tight tolerances or make very small or very large parts or make complex parts with electrical discharge machining, you add a lot of value. Customers pay top dollar for specialty EDM machining, and you can grow this business with your sales and marketing efforts.  It pays to pay attention to opportunities to grow your specialty in a particular kind of electrical discharge machining. Look for used EDM’s that are particularly good in a particular niche, and you can be cranking out the dollars as your crank out parts.

  • Desire to Add Capacity with EDM’s that Match Existing Equipment

When it’s time to expand, your company may want to take a look at what you’re doing best right now. If you have five wire Makino Duo 43 electrical discharge machines, it may make sense to just buy another one. This way your tooling can be used, and you probably don’t need another operator. No matter what equipment is popular on your shop floor, there’s a good chance that something similar (or even exactly the same) is available on CNCMachines.Net for a good price. And if we don’t have a specific machine you want listed on our website, just let us know. We’ll contact you as soon as a used CNC EDM that matches your description becomes available. Getting operational with familiar equipment is the easiest way to start making more parts.

  • Opportunity to Reduce Cycle Time for Existing Production Jobs

Sometimes the next logical step for a CNC machine shop with EDM capability is to add a newer CNC EDM machine that is more suited for a particular job. For example, you may have a regular job that’s using all the capacity of an older EDM machine and you know you could reduce cycle time with better equipment. Since time is money, it could be a simple calculation to know how quickly you could get a return on investment by upgrading to a more powerful electrical discharge machine better suited to that particular part.

It doesn’t matter what kind of parts you are making, buying newer equipment with either more versatility or more specificity to the kind of work that your company machines best is a great opportunity to reduce setup times and costs. It pays to start the conversation with us, since you never know when the perfect machine could become available.  Once we know what you’d like to do, we’ll keep track of what becomes available and give our customer-partners first dibs on used EDM machines that become available.

  • Opportunity to Quote and Win a New Production Work

Sometimes great customers give us new opportunities that push our comfort zones. When that print comes over, but you know that you can’t be as competitive with your current EDM’s as you could be on something different, it’s time to check out buying a used EDM machine that’s a better fit. It could be the quantities are higher than you’ve handled in the past, or the cycle time that someone else can provide will be clearly shorter than what you can do. Get a quote on an ideal EDM for this application and watch your business grow. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get answers from us.

  • Need to Use Floor Space More Effectively

Sometimes the limiting factor for a machine shop is space. Square footage costs money, and if you’ve been in the same location for a long time, you may find yourself bumping into equipment everywhere you go. This not only creates a less-than-pleasant work environment, it presents safety hazards. Moving your company may not be in your best interest yet, so you may consider upgrading your EDM CNC’s for equipment that is smaller and more productive. EDM experts such as ours can help you both sell your old equipment and replace it with more space-efficient EDM’s.

How to Get the Most Value from a Partnership with Us

Let us get to know you so that we can provide you with the best possible service. We want to be your partner both for selling and buying used EDM and other CNC equipment.  The better we understand your business, the better we can provide you with solutions. Buying and selling CNC EDM’s is a critical part of your business, and your most likely to get great deals when you have a partner you can trust.

When you call or email us, details that help us help you include answers to the following questions:

    • What is your primary industry?
    • What kinds of materials do your currently machine?
    • What type of parts (size, kinds) do you currently make?
    • How many, what kinds and brands of EDM CNC’s do you have?
    • Are you satisfied with the EDM CNC brands that you currently have?
    • If you could afford anything, what types of EDM CNC’s would you like to have?
    • What kinds of parts do you think your company will be making in 3 years?
    • Why are you considering selling or buying used EDM CNC’s?
    • What is your budget for buying EDM CNC’s this year? (If any.)

No matter where you are in your buying journey, we can help you upgrade your shop’s technology and increase the overall output of your manufacturing production. Our team is constantly working on bringing more used EDM CNC’s to market, buying and refurbishing machines, and we want to keep you informed when the right kind of equipment for you becomes available.

Contact one of our used EDM CNC experts today to get started. Our phone number is 844.262.6789 or contact us online by filling out a quick form. We are located in Florida and our office hours are Monday-Friday 8 AM – 5 PM EST.