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Sinker EDM

What is a Sinker EDM?

EDM stands for electrical discharge machining.  Sinker EDM goes by several different names – it’s also known as RAM EDM, conventional EDM, die sinker, vertical EDM and plunge EDM. It’s generally used to produce blind cavities. It’s called “sinker” because both the workpiece and primary electrical discharge source are submerged in insulating fluid. When they come close together the power source causes the electrode to spark which cuts the workpiece. At, we can help you find a quality used Sinker EDM for sale at a fair price. After you browse our listings, if you don’t see a sinker EDM that interests you, call us. We may be able to locate what you need. 

We Sell Used Sinker EDM

Our expertise is in all things CNC and EDM, so we can help you get the best bang for your buck and pair you with equipment suited for the parts you are making, the types of material you are machining, and the size runs that are typical for you. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to electrical discharge machining (EDM). Rather than depending on specific machine manufacturers to offer you something within their product line, at, you can trust us to be brand-agnostic and make suggestions from our wide breadth of experience working with customers like you.

Inspecting a Used Sinker EDM 

  • Create your specifications based on what you will be machining. Include:
    1. Required orbital path capabilities. Orbital paths possible in a sinker EDM include down machining, vectoral machining, directional machining, conical machining, horizontal planetary machining, cylindrical machining, helical machining, concave spherical machining, and convex spherical machining. Make sure you know what type of machining you need and if the used sinker EDM for sale meets those requirements.
    2. Travel specifications (XYZ) inches
    3. Workpiece weight maximum
    4. Electrode weight maximum
    5. Machining current requirements
    6. Control interface requirements (floppy drive, USB, ethernet cable, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Get expertise. If you do not have hands-on experience in EDM, talk to someone familiar with EDM machines before deciding on the type of machine you need for your application.
  • Run the machine. Before purchase, go and watch that specific sinker EDM for sale run. Make sure either you understand its operation, or you see it with someone knowledgeable about sinker EDM technology.

Everyday shops across the country are upgrading their EDM’s in response to growing demand, changes in product mix, and company priorities. Buying a used sinker EDM’s are a golden opportunity for you to save time and money by increasing your productivity. Every sinker EDM for sale at has been thoroughly checked and refurbished as necessary. Contact us, and we’ll help you find the best sinker EDM machine for your business.