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Used Haas SL30

Looking for a Haas SL30 for Sale? Want to Learn More about your Options on Used Haas SL30 machines? You’ve Come to the Right Place! Are you looking for a used Haas SL30 for sale at a fair price? No matter what type of used Haas you are looking for, your will find the used Haas SL30 price listed right next to each available machine to make the buying process easy. All the Haas SL30 machines for sale at have been thoroughly checked and can offer you the benefits of Haas without the expense of buying new. 

Current Haas SL30T Inventory

The Haas SL30

We both buy and sell used Haas SL30 CNC’s. We genuinely care about helping American manufactures like you succeed. By offering quality used CNC’s for sale, we provide access to equipment and technology to keep you competitive and producing parts at high levels of efficiency. We’re here if you want to sell a used CNC and replace it with a used Haas SL30 or if you want add CNC’s to increase production. When you are looking for a Haas SL30 for sale, we can help.We want to partner with you, so contact us and we’ll get started to find the best solutions for your shop.

The History of Haas SL30

Though there are many used turning centers for sale, the used Haas SL30 is one of the most dependable brand names.  The Haas SL30 (sometimes written as SL-30) was introduced in 1999 as a mid-size CNC lathe. It is part of the SL-Series line which comes in three models, the SL-20” with a 20” swing, the SL-30” with a 30” swing and the SL-40, which has a 40” swing. The design was based on improvements to the HL-Series lathes and included large headstock castings with symmetric ribs for rigidity and stability, tailstock castings with two-piece design for easy re-alignment, imbedded chip trays and higher-volume coolant tanks. The viewing window is ½” polycarbonate. Haas SL-30 CNC’s for sale feature a 14.5” x 34” (max) and 30” swing. Common options include an automatic bar feeder, live tooling or the “Big-Bore” option. The SL-30 Big Bore lathes have a 17” max. turning diameter vs. 14.5” on the standard Haas SL-30 CNC’s.

Used Haas CNC SL30 Controlsused haas sl 30 for sale

The Haas control makes their lathes (turning centers) easy to operate. Even models going to back to the year 2000 had Haas-only features like “Word Processor Editing” to help operators easily make changes. They carried features like one-touch, multi-function jog-handle and quick code programing even these early machines.  Haas provides a robust dependable control that is integrated with the Haas CNC machine. They do not rely on third-party NC suppliers. Used Haas SL-30 machines have dedicated keypads with a full array of keys including a complete alphanumeric keypad with all common functions clearly labeled for operator use. Operators don’t need to remember any encrypted codes.  Keep in mind, if you are buying an older Haas, you probably can update the control with a third-party vendor.

The USB port makes it easy to use your own USB flash memory devices or external hard drives if you are not connecting via ethernet or Wi-Fi.

As computer technology advances, Haas makes their controls even faster and smarter. Their goal is to keep the spindle turning which keeps the cash flowing into your pocket. As you plan to expand your shop, you should consider connectivity options like WiFi and ethernet to better manage control of approved programs for your CNC’s. Ask about upgrade options if the Haas you are considering does not have these options.

When looking at a Haas SL30 for sale, find out what connectivity is offered. Here are the most recent options provided by Haas.

  • HaasConnect Remote Monitoring
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • User-Definable Macros
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Expandable Memory

Haas SL-30 Overview and Specifications

Standard features for Haas SL30 lathes include:

Cast-Iron construction which provides ten times more damping capacity as compared to steel. The castings are analyzed for flaws in reinforced with numerous heavy ribs to resist flex and damp vibration. The bulk and ribbing added to the headstock and tailstock of the SL30 lathes add stability, repeatability and cutting accuracy.

Embedded chip tray and roll-out coolant tank for easy-access

Anti-flex, torque-tube base casting provides anti-flexing properties making it very stable. No special foundation is required for installation.

High-speed brushless motors with 710-ipm rapids. As compared with standard brush motors, these use twice the voltage for higher speeds, faster acceleration and greater power. The heat-producing windings are attached to the outer shell of the motor, so the heat is dissipated to surrounding air.

Haas direct-coupled servo motors coupled to ballscrews with steel-disc coupling eliminate windup for greatly improved positioning accuracy and more accurate threading and contouring. Couplings are designed to not wear out or lose accuracy over time.

The SL30 series of CNC lathes was made from 1999 into the 2000’s. They are not a current series carried by Haas anymore. Any Haas SL30 for Sale should include the following standards:

  • Hardened-steel bearing packs
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Double-anchored ballscrews
  • Electric thermal compensation
  • Either 20, 30 or 40 hp vector spindle drives
  • Wye-delta switching – dual-drive system with a dual-winding motor
  • Ten-position tool turret with tool holders that can be changed quickly
  • Hydraulic 10” chuck
  • Rigid tapping
  • High-torque gearbox (standard on Big Bore Option)

Options on used Haas SL30 CNC lathes include:

  • Big Bore with enhanced bar capacity
  • Fully programable hydraulic tailstock
  • Automatic bar feeder
  • Quick code programming system
  • High-torque gearbox
  • High-discharge chip auger
  • Automatic parts catcher
  • High-pressure coolant
  • Belt-type chip conveyor
  • Spindle orientation
  • Live tooling
  • VDI tool disk
  • Tool presetter

How To Buy A Used Haas SL30 CNC

Buying a used CNC turning center like the SL30 is similar to buying a used car. When you find a used Haas SL30 for sale, you know it’s value is based on the quality of the machine and capabilities and there’s no big mark-up from the manufacturer like there is for new machines. After the initial depreciation, Haas used CNC machines hold their value much better than cars. You’ll also find pricing varies depending on the condition, number of spindle hours, the age of the SL-30 CNC and the options that are included.

The Haas SL-30 configurations have changed relatively little making it a great option to buy used. Because of its popularity, finding machinists for the SL-30 is easier than for other CNC’s.  When you are looking at a used Haas SL-30 machine for sale, you’ll want to get photos and carefully inspect for signs of wear and tear, get the maintenance records as well as the hours of operation. Here are some tips for planning the purchase of a used Haas CNC lathe as well as how to inspect a used Haas before purchase.

Found a Used Haas CNC SL30 For Sale that Looks Interesting? Here’s what you can do before you go see it.

  • Be informed. When you buy a used Haas SL30 machine, you’re going to need to do more research than when buying a new Haas CNC. It might help to make a list of your requirements. This can help you determine what age Haas CNC SL30 works best for your shop. You may want to buy a similar year to a SL30 that you already have, or you may want to look for one that is newer, so you can begin to connect everything via ethernet or Wi-Fi to take advantage of software innovations.
  • Ask for good photos. Zoom up in the photos and look for signs of damage and worn components.
  • Speak with a local Haas service provider who can provide service for the machine. Get his/her opinion on any specific machine type that you are considering purchasing.
  • Search similar years for the SL30 to see how pricing compares.
  • Get the hours of operation.
  • Ask for the maintenance records of the specific Haas SL30 that you are considering. Repair work isn’t a bad thing, in many cases it will help you know what been replaced, what hasn’t and if it was done right. Ask for as much documentation as the seller can provide. This will help you in case you have problems at later date and provide you with details for buying parts. One advantage of buying a used Haas SL30 is that since these machining centers are relative common, finding parts shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Find out if any tooling or other accessories are being offered for sale along with this Haas SL30.

Once you’ve done your homework, and you think you’ve finally identified the perfect Haas for your company, you may decide to buy it without looking at it, or you want to go the extra mile an inspect the machine for yourself. Here are some inspection tips below.

How to Inspect a Used Haas SL-30 For Sale On-Site

  • Inspect for damage and worn components. Carefully look all over the machine. There are enough used Haas SL30’s available that you shouldn’t have to buy a machine with obvious damage or signs of wear.
  • Ask to operate the machine to see it actually run.
  • Listen to the sounds of the axis moving at different speeds
  • Run the spindle at the max RPM.
  • Look at the guards and sensors on the machine. If sensors, switches, wires and hoses all match and look like they match well, that’s an indication of a well-maintained machine.
  • Make parts on the machine if possible.
  • Check the tool-changer. See how well it changes tools at different areas of the tool changer
  • Check the electrical cabinet for anything that looks like “not factory” and ask about it.
  • Ask the owner why he’s selling the machine.
  • Find out what process controller is on the machine. For older machines, the processor may have been upgraded.
  • Review bar feeder options (does one come with the machine?)
  • Review chip & coolant management options.
  • Find out the electrical requirements for install.
  • Discuss payment options, you may get a better deal with a cash down-payment.
  • Buy from someone who has a good reputation.

We are a trusted source for used Haas CNC machines and consistently take in Haas trade-ins. We have many Haas CNC lathes as well as other brands of CNC lathes for sale. Our Haas SL-30 Machines have been thoroughly checked and refurbished as necessary. We welcome you to call or visit and inspect one of our used Haas SL-30 lathes for yourself.  Contact us and we’ll help you find the best Haas SL30 machine for your business.