Mori Seiki

Used Mori Seiki is one of the most searched terms on the used CNC market.

Mori Seiki started in 1948 in Japan. Mori Seiki has sold an over 160,000 CNC machines world wide and is considered on of the best quality Machine Tool ever built. CNCMachines.Net is a expert in used Mori Seiki machines and want to educate our clients on the long history of one of the leading engineered CNC machine tool brands. Today Mori Seiki specializes in CNC Lathes, Vertical Machining centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Multitasking Mill/Turn 3 to 5 Axis and production FMS systems.  We can help you research the different models that Mori Seiki has introduced throughout the years.

Mori Seiki CNC Machine History of Models

1980’s Mori Seiki CNC Lathes: SL-1, SL-2,SL-3,SL-4,SL-5,SL-6, SL-7, SL-8
1990’s Mori Seiki CNC Lathes: CL-20, CL-25, SL-10, SL-20, SL-25,SL-30,SL-35,SL-40,SL-45,SL-50,SL-65, SL-75, SL-80
2000’s Mori Seiki CNC Lathes: SL-150, SL-204, SL-253, SL-300, SL-350, SL-400, SL-403C, SL-450, SL-500, SL-603C, SL-65, SL-75, SL-80, NL-1500, NL-2000, NL-2500, NL3000, Duraturn-2050, Duraturn-2550, NLX-2000, NLX-2500, NLX-3000, NLX-4000, NLX-6000, NT-1000WTM, NT-2000WTM,

1980’s Mori Seiki Machining Centers: MV-35, MV40,MV-45, Mv-55, MV-65, MV-80, MH-40, MH-50
1990’s Mori Seiki Machining Centers: SV-50, SH-40, SH-50, SH-63
2000’s Mori Seiki Machining Centers: SV-403, SV-503, SV-500, SV-503, NV-5000, Duravertical-5100, NH-4000 DCG, NH-5000 DCG, NH-6300 DCG

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