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Used Hurco CNC Mills for Sale

VMX24i, VMX30i, VMX42i, VMX50i, VMX50i-50t, VMX64i, VMX64i-50T, VMX6030i, VMX6030i-50T, VMX84i, VMX84i-50T, HTL8-60i, HTM30i, HM1700i, HM1700Ri, BX40i, BX40Ui, BX50i, BX60i, VC500i, VCX600i. Trunnion Table 5-Axsis CNC’s: VM10Ui, VM10UHSi, VMX30UHSi, VMX42USi, VMX42Ui, VMX60Ui, VTXUi

Looking for a Hurco CNC Mill to fit your specifications and your budget? Then look no further! CNCMachines.Net carries a wide range of used Hurco CNC mills. Our machines are ready to produce machined parts for a wide range of applications. Since 1997 when Hurco introduced the VMX Series and 2003 when they put 5-Axis on the market, they’ve been innovating machining solutions. Hurco prides itself on making 5-axis CNC machining easy. Learn more about the Hurco machines to select the perfect ones for your application.

Hurco History

Hurco has been in business since 1968 and has always been cutting-edge with both machining and process-control technology. Some key dates for their equipment include 1986, when they introduced the 3-axis machine, 1997 when the VMX CNC’s mills were introduced, 2003 when the VM series and VTXU 5-axis were started and 2004 when the TM slant-beds hit the market. In 2006 their business expanded rapidly with the introduction of the SR Series 5-axis machining center and the WinMax software. The TMXMY series started in 2010 and was rebranded to include the “i” in 2012. The HSi series which stands for “High Speed” along with the “Ultimotion”

Hurco machines with trunnion tables have integrated tables instead of simply sticking a trunnion table on a 3-axis CNC machining center and then calling it a 5-axis. This allows for more clearance on the Z-axis. This series is ideal for machinists experienced in 3-axis machining but ready for the benefits of 5-axis. You still machine in a linear fashion, but just machined more sides with this type of CNC. The trunnion 5-axis mill by Hurco allows for better undercut, larger work volume and more torque.

Hurco Controls

Since 1984 when Hurco introduced the dual-screen console, Hurco has been focused on designing controls for that are easy to and intuitive. They were early innovators in “conversational” programming aimed at making machining simple, however, this did not mean that they could only make simple parts. The WinMax control which has been on machines since 2013 can better be described as “multi-lingual.” It allows for both the powerful NC programming as well as conversational programming. Additionally, WinMax controllers fully integrate with CAD/CAM software solutions so that programming can easily be done off-line, though concurrent programming is a standard feature of the control console. WorkNC is a preferred CAM system for easy integration. Hurco supports ISO/EIA standards that are common with Fanuc or Siemens programs, so you can use existing NC programs on a Hurco. The control also offers Full Macro B support and most G & M cores that an NC programmer uses.

Hurco Machine Series


When selecting a Hurco to meet your needs, it is helpful to understand the Series naming standards. The VM represents Vertical Milling, then there’s typically two numbers representing the number of inches travel on the X-axis and another letter designating special features.

VMX – The VMX line is the most popular of the 3-axis machining centers. The first two numbers in the name represent the X travel. We have used Vertical Milling Machining Centers in this line going back to 2003.

NameTravelSpindleTool Capacity
VMX50i-50t50” x 26” x 24”8,000 rpm30 CAT 50
VMX24i24” x 20” x 24”12,000 rpm30 CAT 40
VMX6030i60” x 30” x 25”12,000 rpm30 CAT 40

SR Series (Example: VMX60SRTi) – This series of 5-axis mills has a swivel head with either an A or C style rotary table. The extra size of the rotary table allows for versatility for secondary operations or 3-axis work. In this example, the travel is 60” x 26” x 24” with spindle speed of 12,000 rpm and tool capacity of 40 CAT 40.

HS Series (Example: VMX42HSi) This series offers high-speed milling. In this example, the machine is 42” x 24” x 24” travel with a spindle speed of 18,000 and tool capacity of 40 HSK 63.

HTM Series (Example: HTM30i) This series is the Hurco Toolroom Mill designed with an open bed for easy acces to the table. It’s equipped with UltiMotion. In this example, the machine is 30” x 16” x 18” with 8,000 rpm and 16 tool max.

BX Series (Example: BX40i) This series features a high-speed double-column bridge design machining center. This highly stable, high-weight machine provide exceptional accuracy and outstanding surface finish capabilities. In this example, the travel is 40.2” x 27.6” x 19.7”, the spindle speed 18,000 rpm and machine weight is over 20,000 lbs. If an “U” is added to the series name (BX40Ui), then a trunnion table is mounted along the Y-axis.

HM Series (Example: HM1700i) This is a series of horizontal mills equipped with pre-tensioned, dual ballscrews for excellent rigidity. It has large front and side access doors ergonomically designed for operator use. If an “R” is added to the series name, the model comes with a rotary torque table (HM1700Ri).

VC Series (Example: VC500) This series is a cantilever 5-axsis machining center. The 500 has a travel of 20.5” x 17.7” x 15.8” and spindle speed of 10,000. The 600 has a larger travel and 12,000 rpm making it a larger more powerful machine than the 500.

VM_U  Series – This series, which also includes a “U” are 5-axis trunnion table machining centers with an integrated trunnion table. Like the VMX line, the first two numbers represent the “X-axis” travel. For example, the VM10Ui has a travel of 21” x 16” x 19” with a spindle speed of 10,000 and tool capacity of 20 CAN 40.

Hurco also makes CNC lathes.

HTL Series – This series of Hurco Toolroom Lathes are box-way, gap bed lathes that are user friendly and make it easy to unload/load parts. It uses WinMax control that glides along a rail on the front of the machine. The HTL8-60i is named for the 8” spindle max chuck size and the 60” (actually it’s 63”) Z-axis travel.

There are a number of discontinued series of Hurco Vertical Machining Centers available used. Samples of key features for some machines are below. In addition to these features on used machines, look for connectivity and hp options as well as the controller version.

Name / YearTravelSpindle SpeedTool Number/Spindle Taper
Hurco VTXU (2001)31.5” x 27.5” x 20”12,000 rpm21 ATC / CAT 40
Hurco BMC 30 (1990)40” x 30” x 22”4,000 rpm30 ATC / CAT 40
Hurco BMC 4020 (1997)40” x 20” x 20”8,000 rpm24 ATC / CAT 40
Hurco Spirit SLV40 (1990)40” x 20” x 28”6,000 rpm24 ATC / CAT 40
Hurco VSX-24 (2000)24” x 20” x 25”10,000 rpm24 ATC / CAT 40
Hurco VM5i (2012)18” x 14” x 14”8,000 rpm16 ATC / CAT 40

If you are in the market for a used Hurco Machining Center, we are a leading expert in used VMC’s machines for sale and have a wide variety of years and sizes available. We would love to help you find the perfect Hurco CNC machine for your shop. Contact one of our used Hurco experts today for more details: 844.262.6789.

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