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Our Used Haas CNC Inventory

Looking for a Used Haas for Sale? Want to Learn More about your Options on used Haas Machines? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

 No matter what type of used Haas you are looking for, we have our used Haas price listed right next to each available machine to make the buying process easy. All the used Haas machines for sale at CNCMachines.net have been thoroughly checked and can offer you the benefits of Haas without the expense of buying new. We both buy and sell used Haas CNC’s. We genuinely care about helping American manufacturers like you succeed and our Haas CNC’s make machining affordable for small shops across the country.

Haas has vertical machining centers (VMCs), horizontal machining centers (HMCs), lathes and rotary indexing equipment product lines. They also make a number of large five-axis machines and other specialty machines. All of their equipment is CNC controlled with their own controller. Learn more about the Haas machines to select the perfect ones for your application.

By offering quality used Haas CNC’s for sale, we provide access to equipment and technology to keep you competitive and producing parts and high levels of efficiency. We’re here if you want to sell a used CNC and replace it with a Haas or if you want to add Haas CNC’s to increase production. When you are looking for a used Haas for sale, we can help. We want to partner with you, so call us at 844.262.6789 or contact us online and we’ll get started to find the best solutions for your shop.

Haas Automation History

Since 1988 when Haas introduced the VF-1, a machine designed by machinists for machinists, Haas has continued to provide CNC mills for numerous applications. Today Haas Automation is the leader in North America CNC machine sales. In the world of CNC’s, Haas is so popular that “Haas CNC For Sale” is the most searched for CNC-related term in Google.

Haas CNC’s are made in Oxnard, California, USA, and have become the most trusted brand in the industry. As of 2018, they continue to sell thousands of machines each month and even have backlogs in their delivery because of the demand and momentum in the United States economy. One of the most popular models made by Haas is the Haas VF2. The Haas VF2 for sale on the www.haascnc.com  website has been so popular, that they’ve made the same model for over 10 years. Haas is a great brand for companies looking for economical machines that they would like to support themselves. Haas supports their customers with lots of online resources to encourage shops to maintain and repair their own Haas CNC’s as much as is reasonable.

Haas CNC Controls

The Haas control makes used Haas CNC’s easy to operate. Even models going to back to the year 2000 had Haas-only features like “Word Processor Editing” to help operators easily make changes. On their milling machines, they had features like one-touch, multi-function jog-handle and quick code programming even on machines made 18 years ago.  They provide a robust dependable control that is integrated with the Haas CNC machine. They do not rely on third-party NC suppliers. Used Haas CNC machines have dedicated keypads with a full array of keys including a complete alphanumeric keypad with all common functions clearly labeled for operator use. Operators don’t need to remember any encrypted codes.  Keep in mind, if you are buying an older Haas, it’s very likely that the control can be updated. Haas supports their equipment no matter what the age and provides updates to all Haas CNC machine owners.

As computer technology advances, Haas makes their controls even faster and smarter. Their goal is to keep the spindle turning which keeps the cash flowing into your pocket. Contact your local Haas distributor or visit the Haas website for information on updating an older Haas machine.

Newer models have:

  • HaasConnect Remote Monitoring
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • DWO/TCPC (Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Center Point Control)
  • User-Definable Macros
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Expandable Memory

Types of Used Haas for Sale

Haas Vertical Machining Centers (VMC)

You will find the Haas vertical milling machines are sold as VF Series, as universal machines (UMC), mini mills (MINI MILL) and drill/tap/mill (DT & DM). There are also machine series designed for specific applications, like the mold machines (VM) and tool room mills (TM). For small parts in tight spots, the compact CNC vertical mill (CM) may fit the bill. For the largest applications, cutting plate and sheet Haas offers the Gantry series (GR). The Haas VR Series ended in 2013 but is still widely available used. Click here for more information.

Haas Series Horizontal Milling Machines (HMM)

Horizontal mills have the spindle on the horizontal axis and are used for making much larger parts than the vertical milling machines. Differentiators between various Haas horizontal machines are similar to those of vertical milling machines. Size, spindle speed, horsepower and the design of the tool changing system all make an impact on the speed and complexity of part that can be made on horizontal milling machines. Haas offers the EC series which can make parts up to 10,000 lbs. Haas offers two basic sizes of horizontal milling machines, 64” x 50” x 32” and 64” x 50” x 40”. The additional 8” is on the “ZT” variation of their EC. Look for EC-1600, EC-1600ZT or for both 5 Axis and the extra size, the EC-1600ZT-5AX.

Haas CNC Lathes

Haas makes a full line of turning centers (lathes) including toolroom lathes, big-bore versions, dual-spindle models, live tooling with C-axis models and Y-axis capabilities. Below is a comparison of key features in their 2018 product lines.


ST Series


Toolroom Lathes

Chucker Lathe

Maximum Chuck Size

6.5” to 18”

8.3” to 10”

8” to 10”


Bar Capacity

1.75” to 12.5”

2” to 3”




1k to 6k

4.5k to 4.8k

1.8k to 3k



15 to 55 hp

30 hp

10 hp

5 hp

New Starting Price (2018)





Haas Rotary Tables and Indexers

Hass offers rotary products that add 4th and 5th axis capabilities to many of their machines. T-slotted rotary tables allow for flexible fixturing for machining round parts and odd-shaped parts. Model numbers for these rotary tables usually begin with HRT. Their 5-axis rotary tables and add 3+2 position or full 5-axis motion. The models of tilting indexers include the T5C, T5C2, T5C3 and T5C4. The TR70, TRT100, TRT160 and TRT210 are models of tilting rotaries. Prices for these begin around $20,000 for new. Indexers have model numbers like HA5C, HA5C-T, HA5CS, HA5C2, HA5C3 and more. They can be single-spindle or multi-spindle and have new prices ranging from $8,000 to $13,000. When buying used Haas CNC’s, sometimes you’ll find that rotary table and/or indexers included. If one of these accessories is included, then the price will be proportionately higher in most cases.

Haas – Known for DIY Resources & Regional Factory Outlet Service Support

Haas provides extensive online resources for training and support. They have troubleshooting guides, how-to procedures, mill operator manuals and lathe operator mills readily available on their website. You can watch videos for troubleshooting as well as service and maintenance and get regular tips on how to best operate and care for your Haas machines.  In addition, operators can search from alarm codes for all kinds of resources. They also have an extensive network of service technicians at their Haas Factory Outlets and recommend that certain machine repairs be done only by authorized personnel.

Found a Used Haas For Sale that Looks Interesting? Here’s what you can do before you go see it.

  • Be informed. When you buy a used Haas machine, you’re going to need to do more research than when buying a used CNC. Start by making a list of your requirements. You should consider the:
    • Types of materials you want to machine – Are the easy or hard to machine?
    • Tolerances you need – Tight tolerances or not?
    • Industries you’ll primarily be serving – How complex are the parts for this industry?
    • Level of production you’ll be running – High volume light-out? Or short runs?
    • Expertise you have available in your shop – Does anyone know the controls or have time to learn?

You may want to buy a similar CNC to a Haas that you already have, or you may want to look for one that is newer, so you can begin to connect everything via ethernet or Wi-Fi to take advantage of software innovations.

  • Ask for good photos. Zoom up in the photos and look for signs of damage and worn components.
  • Speak with a local service provider who can provide service for the machine. Get his/her opinion on any specific machine type that you are considering purchasing.
  • Search similar years for the Haas CNC to see how pricing compares.
  • Get the hours of operation.
  • Ask for the maintenance records of the specific Haas that you are considering. Repair work isn’t a bad thing, in many cases, it will help you know what been replaced, what hasn’t and if it was done right. Ask for as much documentation as the seller can provide. This will help you in case you have problems at later date and provide you with details for buying parts. One advantage of buying a used Haas is that since these machining centers are relatively common, finding parts shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Find out if any tooling or other accessories are being offered for sale along with this Haas.

How to Inspect a Haas Machine On-Site

Once you’ve done your homework, and you think you’ve finally identified the perfect Haas for your company, you may decide to buy it without looking at it, or you want to go the extra mile an inspect the machine for yourself. If you choose to buy it from CNCMachines.net, we can offer you options on how to ensure that the used CNC equipment you are buying meets your quality standards. Here are some inspection tips below.

How to Inspect a Used Haas For Sale On-Site

  • Inspect for damage and worn components. Carefully look all over the machine. There are enough used Haas CNC’s available that you shouldn’t have to buy a machine with obvious damage or signs of wear.
  • Ask to operate the machine to see it actually run.
  • Listen to the sounds of the axis moving at different speeds
  • Run the spindle at the max RPM.
  • Look at the guards and sensors on the machine. If sensors, switches, wires and hoses all match and look like they match well, that’s an indication of a well-maintained machine.
  • Make parts on the machine if possible.
  • Check the tool-changer. See how well it changes tools at different areas of the tool changer
  • Check the electrical cabinet for anything that looks like “not factory” and ask about it.
  • If possible, ask the owner why he’s selling the machine.
  • Find out what process controller is on the machine. For older machines, the processor may have been upgraded.
  • Review bar feeder options for CNC turning centers and pallet changes for mills.
  • Review chip & coolant management options.
  • Find out the electrical requirements for install.
  • Discuss payment options, you may get a better deal with a cash down-payment.
  • Buy from someone who has a good reputation.

We are a trusted source for used Haas CNC machines and consistently take in used Haas CNC’s. In addition, CNCMachines.net carries other brands of CNC mills and lathes in a wide range of configurations. All our CNC machines have been thoroughly checked and refurbished as necessary to ensure our customers are satisfied. We welcome you to call or visit and inspect one of our used Haas CNC machines for yourself.  Contact us and we’ll help you find the best Haas lathe or milling center for your business.

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