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About Ganesh CNC Machines

Where are Ganesh machines made? Swiss CNC machine manufacturers, Ganesh machinery reviews

Looking for a Used Ganesh CNC? Want to Learn More about Ganesh CNC machines? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

No matter what type of used Ganesh you are looking for, we have our used Ganesh price listed right next to each available machine to make the buying process easy. All the used Ganesh machines for sale at have been thoroughly checked and can offer you the benefits of Ganesh without the expense of buying new. If you’ve never considered a Ganesh Swiss machine, you may be surprised at the sizes they offer – it’s larger than other most other Swiss CNC machine manufacturers. We both buy and sell used Ganesh CNC’s because we genuinely care about helping American manufacturers like you succeed and our Ganesh CNC’s make machining affordable for small shops across the country.

We have a large inventory of used Ganesh lathe for sale. We’re also here if you want to sell a used CNC and replace it with a Ganesh or if you want to add Ganesh CNC’s to increase production. When you are looking for a Ganesh mill for sale or a Ganesh CNC lathe, we want to be your support. Finding Ganesh machinery reviews can be hard. Call us at 844.262.6789 and we’ll identify your needs to provide Ganesh machinery reviews of the exact type of CNC you need.

Ganesh has milling and turning centers. They are known for their GEN MILL and GEN TURN Series CNC Swiss machines, vertical machining centers and multi-axis CNC lathes as well as tool room manual mills, manual lathes, CNC mills and CNC lathes.  Keep reading to learn more about your options when you’re searching for a used Ganesh lathe for sale or another used Ganesh CNC.

Ganesh CNC Machine History

Ganesh machines are manufactured in Japan in their ISO-9001 facilities in Taiwan. Most critical components are also manufactured in Japan. They have been making machine tools since 1985. They currently have a 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility and a 40,000 square foot warehouse where they distribute their CNC machines around the world to their dealers. They provide a number of CNC machines including multi-tasking turning machines, CNC machining centers, 5-axis milling centers, CNC Swiss screw machines, big bore manual and CNC lathes. In the United States, Ganesh Machinery is located in Chatsworth, California. Their engineers work with the plant in Taiwan to produce equipment that meets market demand. They also provide equipment and services to their distributors throughout the country. When the machines come to the California facility, the engineers there accessorize it before shipping it to their customer or dealer.

How to Get Service for Ganesh CNC Machines

Ganesh offers free phone support for all machines of any age. When buying a used Ganesh CNC, we recommend that you ask for the name of the dealer who has serviced that particular machine. Ganesh Machinery provides service directly, but so do many of their distributors (though not every distributor is a service provider). You can find the nearest dealer, along with their names and phone numbers, on the Ganesh Machinery website. Ganesh support is very helpful. Call them directly at 888-542-6374 or 818-349-9166 when you have the serial number of a particular machine that you are considering buying and they can help you. Ganesh Machinery can also provide a free PDF copy of the Programming Manual and/or Operator Manual, if the seller does not have it available. For the most complete list of accessories on a used Ganesh machine, ask to see the original quote for the machine. If you want Ganesh machinery reviews, or want to ask other questions, you can also visit Ganesh’s Facebook page.

Ganesh Controllers and Training

Ganesh lathes and other CNC machines come with controllers made by Mitsubishi, Fanuc or Fagor. You’ll need to inquire to know which controller is on any particular machine. Often Ganesh machinery reviews don’t tell you the type of controller. Some controllers are more sophisticated, and others are better at conversational programming for novice machinists. However, no matter what controller comes on the machine Ganesh will support and provide limited phone training and assistance for free. If more extensive on-site training is needed, they will quote and send a trainer to your facility.

Find a Ganesh Lathe

The Ganesh lathe line of products is called the “GEN TURN” series. Ganesh provides a full line of CNC multi-axis CNC machine tools and turn-mill centers with a wide assortment of shaping tools and spindles. These multi-tasking machines provide greater flexibility than standard lathes and milling machines. Ganesh makes Swiss CNC machines comparable with other CNC Swiss manufacturers at a more competitive price. Here’s an overview of the current models so when you find a Ganesh lathe for sale you can have an idea on how they are named. Some Swiss CNC machine manufacturers don’t offer machines that can go over 32 MM, so for big Swiss parts, Ganesh may be a good solution.

Gen Turn Series 2018 Model Numbers Offered for CNC Swiss and Mill/Turn Lathes

GEN TURN SL-20Y2: Hybrid 20mm (.787”) 8-axis CNC Swiss Machine

GEN TURN SL-42Y2: Hybrid 42mm (1.65”) 8-axis CNC Swiss Machine

GEN TURN 32-NCY: 32mm (1.25”) 4-Axis CNC Mill/Turn CNC Lathe, 18 tools with 7 driven tools

GEN TURN 32-CS: 32mm (1.25”) 7-Axis CNC Swiss machine without guide bushing, 27 tools with 11 driven tools

GEN TURN 32-GT: 32mm (1.25”) 2 or 3-Axis CNC Gang-Tooled Lathe

GEN TURN 52-GTS: 52mm (2.05”) 6-Axis CNC Dual Gang-Tooled Lathe

GEN TURN 52-BY2: 52mm (2.05”) 9-Axis Mill/Turn Lathe with 12-Angle Tools, 36 Tool Positions, 18 driven tools

GEN TURN 52-MSY: 52mm (2.05”) 6-Axis Mill/Turn Lathe with 16 Tool Turret (each station can mount multiple tools)

GEN TURN 78-MSY: 78mm (3.07”) 6-Axis Mill/Turn Lathe with 16 Tool Turret (each station can mount multiple tools)

GEN TURN 52-TTMY: 52mm (2.05”) 6-Axis Mill/Turn Lathe with 32 Tool Turrets (each station can mount multiple tools)

GEN TURN 78-TTMY: 78mm (3.07”) 6-Axis Mill/Turn Lathe with 32 Tool Turret (each station can mount multiple tools)

The Gen Mill Series in 2018 includes the following:

GEN MILL T-500: 510mm (20”) High Speed Mill-Drill-Tap Center

GEN MILL T-700: 700 mm (27“) High Speed Mill-Drill-Tap Center

GEN MILL 5X-8: 5-Axis High Speed VMC with built-in 8” Trunnion

GEN MILL 5X-12: 5-Axis High Speed VMC with built-in 12” Trunnion

GEN MILL 2416: 24.01” X 15.75” 3 Axis High-Speed Vertical Machining Center

GEN MILL 2818: 27.95” X 17.71” 3 Axis High Speed Vertical Machining Center

GEN MILL 4024: 40.55” X 23.62” 3 Axis High Speed Vertical Machining Center

GEN MILL 5127: 51.27” X 27.56” 3 Axis High Speed Vertical Machining Center

The GEN MILL 6333, GEN MILL 7039, GEN MILL 7839, GEN MILL 8639, GEN MILL 10039 continue to follow the same naming pattern.

Ganesh Manual Mills come in increasing sizes throughout the series which includes: GMV-1, GMV-2, GMV-3, GMV-4, GMV-5

Ganesh Manual Lathes also come in a wide range of sizes. Model number include the

GHT-618 EVS, GT-1340, GT-1640, GT-2060, GT-22, GT-26, GT-34 38 42, GT-44 HK and GT-44 HL.

Ganesh CNC Mills (knee mills) feature easy-to-use CNC controls, full color graphics, one touch backup, full manual capability, coolant and chip tray. Model numbers offered in 2018 include the GMV-1 CNC,  GMV-2 CNC, GMV-3 CNC, GMV-4 CNC, GBM-2616 CNC, GBM-4020 CNC and GBM-6024 CNC.

Ganesh CNC Lathes feature easy-to-use Fanuc or Fagor CNC controls, full color graphics, one touch backup, full manual capability, coolant and chip tray. Model numbers offered in 2018 include GT-1840 CNC, GT-2040 / 60 CNC and GT-2460 CNC.

Ganesh Big Bore CNC Lathes include the GT 3080 CNC, GT 34-38-42 CNC, GT 44 CNC and GT 5240 CNC

Found a Used Ganesh? Here’s what you can do before you go see it.

  • Be informed. When you buy a used Ganesh machine, you’re going to need to do more research than when buying a new CNC. Start by making a list of your requirements. You should consider the:
    • Types of materials you want to machine – Are the easy or hard to machine?
    • Tolerances you need – Tight tolerances or not?
    • Industries you’ll primarily be serving – How complex are the parts for this industry?
    • Level of production you’ll be running – High volume light-out? Or short runs?
    • Expertise you have available in your shop – Does anyone know the controls or have time to learn?
  • Ask for good photos. Zoom up in the photos and look for signs of damage and worn components.
  • Ask about service – who has serviced this machine in the past? Get the serial number of the machine, and you can call the dealer or Ganesh Machinery directly for service records if desired.
  • Ask for the maintenance records of the specific Ganesh that you are considering. Repair work isn’t a bad thing, in many cases, it will help you know what been replaced, what hasn’t and if it was done right. Ask for as much documentation as the seller can provide. This will help you in case you have problems at later date and provide you with details for buying parts.
  • Find out who your local service dealer will be once the machine is in your facility if you are moving the machine into a different territory from where it was operating previously.
  • Search similar years for the Ganesh CNC to see how pricing compares.
  • Get the hours of operation.
  • Find out if any tooling or other accessories are being offered for sale along with this used Ganesh CNC.

How to Inspect a Ganesh CNC On-Site

Once you’ve done your homework, and you think you’ve finally identified the perfect Ganesh for your company, you may decide to buy it without looking at it, or you want to go the extra mile an inspect the machine for yourself. If you choose to buy it from, we can offer you options on how to ensure that the used CNC equipment you are buying meets your quality standards.

You may want to have a Ganesh technician come to check it out either before or during your inspection visit. Call the main Ganesh phone number to find a technician – they may have service history as well. If a dealer worked on it, ask them for the service history. When the dealer does the service, Ganesh Machinery does not have the records. Ask the seller who the dealer is that serviced the machine to make sure you contact the right people. When you’re ready to visit, here are some tips to help you make a great decision:

How to Inspect a Used Ganesh On-Site

  • Inspect for damage and worn components. Carefully look all over the machine.
  • Ask to operate the machine to see it actually run.
  • Listen to the sounds of the axis moving at different speeds
  • Run the spindle at the max RPM.
  • Look at the guards and sensors on the machine. If sensors, switches, wires and hoses all match and look like they match well, that’s an indication of a well-maintained machine.
  • Make parts on the machine if possible.
  • Check the tool-changer or turret. See how well it changes tools at different areas of the tool changer
  • Check the electrical cabinet for anything that looks like “not factory” and ask about it.
  • If you are planning on buying this machine, take a photo of the serial number plate which contains valuable information. Every machine comes with a metal plate with serial number. The date of manufacture is in a logical format, for example, 01-2018 is January 2018. You will also find key electrical requirements on the plate.
  • Ask if the seller can provide the manuals that came with the machine. (If not, you may call Ganesh Machinery for a free pdf copy.)
  • If possible, ask the owner why he’s selling the machine.
  • Find out what process controller is on the machine. For older machines, the processor may have been upgraded.
  • Review bar feeder options for CNC turning centers and pallet changes for mills.
  • Review chip & coolant management options.
  • Find out the electrical requirements for install.
  • Ask the seller to make a backup copy of the controller program on a USB drive while the machine is under power. (If you buy the machine, you’ll want this. Sometimes when a machine loses power the programs get corrupted. The fastest way to restore is from a USB, though Ganesh service could help you as well if this happens.) Has the right Ganesh CNC for your needs

We are a trusted source for used Ganesh CNC machines and consistently take in used Ganesh CNC’s. If you are shopping for Swiss CNC machine manufacturers or looking for a cost-effective CNC mill, Ganesh may be your answer. We may have the right Ganesh lathe for sale or be able to find it for you. Regardless, carries other brands of CNC mills and lathes in a wide range of configurations. We welcome you to call 844.262.6789 or visit and inspect one of our used Ganesh CNC machines for yourself.