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Used Doosan CNC Machines

Since Daewoo started building products in S Korea in 1976, Doosan CNC has risen to become one of the leaders in CNC machine tool industry. Doosan purchased Daewoo in the early 2000’s which was a positive gain for them today adding the Lynx and Puma CNC Lathes to their line up of CNC machines. We have categorized both Daewoo and Doosan since so many Daewoo machines are still in circulation today. In 2016 the company changed its name to Doosan Machine Tools.

We have both used Doosan CNC and used Daewoo CNC machine tools available if you are in the market for a used Doosan CNC mill or used Daewoo CNC lathe. Our team of experts can help answer your questions about the differences and help you find the right used CNC machine.